If you’ve recently heard or read somewhere that ‘Email Marketing’ is dead then, you’re highly mistaken! Email Marketing is something that is far from dead even when we’re in 2023 which is the most premier year of the decade. 

In fact, you’ll not believe, Email Campaigns continue to bring meaningful results and revenue to businesses around the world. Thus, we’re right here as your savior before you scrap the idea of using email marketing and move on to start using a different, more current marketing method altogether!

Why should you believe us? Well, beyond the shadow of doubt, you should definitely believe it when you concentrate here at this statistics that shows– “the number of worldwide email users was 3 billion something and now, projected to reach 4.1 Billion by the end of 2023.” Yes, that’s an increase of 1 billion!

Putting this in perspective, you’ll realize that here are more email users than the combined platforms of both Facebook (boasting over 1 billion active users) and Twitter (boasting 255 million users).

With that said, a lot of questions regarding the same must be coming up in your head, right? If yes then, here via this article, we’ll help you to learn not only why email marketing is still relevant for 2023 and more critical than ever before, but also how implementing some tips can improve your email marketing strategy for profiting your business. So, let’s get started –

Impressive Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing is Target-Oriented: In comparison to marketing via television or newspaper where you have no filter over who will see your content, email marketing works vice-versa. It can help you in segmenting your email list while considering factors like demographics, location and other such data. In this way, email marketing presents you the option to send your marketing emails among your choice of targeted audiences. 
  • Email Marketing Escalate Brand Recognition: Emails more effectively help in connecting potential customers to your business. You can understand it simply in this way that customers you target may not always be ready to purchase your products or services when they first hear about them but, surely you can stay on top of your target audience’s mind by sending them emails at regular intervals. As, you never know when these targeted emails compel your audience to take action. 
  • Emails Marketing Produces Better Results:  Among most of the other marketing channels, Email marketing as per the recent study generates the highest return on investment (ROI). At the same time, it also has the highest conversion rate of around 66%. Basically, every dollar that you spent on email marketing helps to earn up to a total of $44 in return. In addition to the same, emails are deemed 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than what social media claims.
  • Email Marketing is Cost-Friendly: Unlike various marketing channels, marketing via emails are super affordable and cost-effective as they let businesses reach their target consumers at a very nominal rate per email. Thus, all the businesses, especially small ones out there that are working on a limited budget can find it as the most suitable way to ensure their every dollar counts.
  • Email Marketing is Measurable: This marketing method also helps you to measure your campaign success via going through key metrics such as bounce rate, click-through-rate and open rate, etc. This way, not only you’ll get valuable insights into your target audience’s behaviors and interests but also, figure out what sort of content they respond best to! And, finding out the same, you can manoeuvre your marketing efforts in the same direction.

Now, do you realize what importance does marketing through emails hold and why it is unmatchable with other marketing channels? Surely, you do! But, that’s not enough alone. You further need to enlighten yourself about the below-mentioned tips and only then; you’ll get the most out of your email marketing strategy for your business.

Top 5 Unique Email Marketing Tips to Use in 2023

  • Firstly, you should ‘personalize your messages’ because with new and more advanced technology, your recipients are interested in receiving personalized emails that cater to their respective taste and preferences.
  • Secondly, it is important to ‘customize your emails to display on mobile devices’ as the number of emails viewed on mobile till now, outnumbers emails viewed on desktops.
  • Thirdly, to increase awareness of your brand and expand its reach, you should ‘make your emails shareable among other platforms’ by adding social share buttons on your emails.
  • Next, you can consider providing your target customers with more valuable information by ‘including animated content’ in your emails. This way you might visually attract your target customers to get certain actions and have more click-through rates.
  • Last but not least, some data reveals that 33% of people tend to open emails based on their subject-line. So, you can opt to ‘create captivating subject lines’ for making your targeted customers to open and read your marketing emails content.

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