Millions of people around the world spend many hours sitting at a desk doing their work. But just a small percentage of such people have the ideal workspace. More often than not, people work at subpar-quality desks. In other cases, desks are too small to provide all the necessary space to work comfortably. 

When you select a desk for your office, you’re often given many options to choose from. Office desks come in all sizes, colors, and designs. Which one is right for you? While there are many factors you have to consider including your budget, one feature should not be compromised: size.

Always get the largest desk that you can afford for your office. Just make sure it fits in your space. A large desk has several benefits that small ones don’t. Moreover, you should opt for a standing desk type. Also, there are good reasons for that. So, what type of desk should you get? Consider corner standing desks for the ultimate workspace.

Why Choose a Large Desk?

As mentioned, there are several benefits to working on a large desk. The main ones are:

  • Better organization;
  • Higher efficiency;
  • Attractive appearance.

Although the initial investment is higher, a larger desk pays off in the long run. Let’s discuss each of these benefits in detail.

Better Organization

It is quite unpleasant and frustrating to work at a cluttered desk. But, what can you do if you lack the space to organize all your things on the desktop? Unfortunately, many companies purchase small desks for their employees in a bid to economize office space. This is counterproductive. You cannot be so productive if your workspace is disorganized.

In contrast, a larger desk allows you to assign each area of your desktop for specific tasks. You can designate an area for your computer and printer. You can use other areas to sort the documents that correspond to different projects. You will feel much more comfortable and motivated to get work done in such an organized workspace. 

Higher Efficiency

This benefit is closely related to the better organization of your desktop. While doing your office work, you won’t waste time trying to find a specific document in a pile of papers. Thanks to a better organization, you will have everything you need within arm’s reach. Hence, you will get more work done in a day. After all, happy employees are also more productive.

Attractive Appearance

It is undeniable that a large desk conveys a feeling of elegance and modernity to an office. Large desks are often associated with positions of power within an organization. Thus, for business executives, a large desk is almost a must. If you work in a key position in your company, a large desk will create a good impression on your customers and potential partners. It may seem a stretch of reality, but a large desk can contribute to the success of your company.

Why Choose a Standing Desk?

Besides a large size, we also mentioned that your desk should be of the standing type. What exactly is a standing desk? Simply, a standing desk is a desk that allows you to work while you stand. And, why would you want to stand to work? Well, many scientific studies have demonstrated that sitting for a long time every day increases the risk of developing a life-threatening condition.

 So, a standing desk helps to keep you healthier at work by allowing you to switch between sitting and standing positions. To make the change of positions more easily, you must be able to adjust the height of the desktop automatically. This is why an electric standing desk is preferred. This type of desk is equipped with so-called lifting columns. A lifting column can move a load up and down depending on the commands given to it.

Additionally, an actuated standing desk also adds a touch of elegance, sophistication, and modernity to an office.

The Desk That Has It All

The Corner Ryzer standing desk, built by Progressive Desk, combines the two qualities discussed above. It is a large desk with adjustable height via a control button. Because of its L-shaped design, this desk doesn’t take much office space. It is stylish and functional, the perfect combination for the modern office. But even if you work from home, this desk will transform your home office into the ideal workspace.

This desk has 3 legs for superior stability. Moreover, its sturdy construction will allow you to place your computer and its peripherals on the tabletop without any problems. The up-down motion is smooth and quiet. You can add some compatible accessories for more functionality and ergonomics. 

The high-quality tabletop is available in 12 different colors to choose from. The finish won’t get scratched or stained. Hence, combining this piece of furniture with the existing decoration of your office won’t be difficult. Try it and work in the ideal workspace.