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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Focus on SEO

If you or your business has a website or blog page which has not yet been optimized, you’re putting yourself at a major loss. For every day that your website remains unoptimized, you lose valuable viewers.

With more than two-thirds of all searches done through a search engine, you need to understand the value of SEO. The number of online businesses has gone up significantly thus prompting people to shift their focus to optimized websites. SEO is beneficial to get the best rankings on search engines and some of the reasons are listed here. 

What Exactly is an SEO Optimized Post?

A blog post or article is termed as SEO optimized when its value in terms of a search engine’s rank is raised to the point where it is found in the first few answers on the first page.

By optimizing your webpage, you can be sure that you will receive only the kinds of customers or viewers you are looking for things you provide. Such advantages add up significantly over the long run. 

As you receive more viewers, your webpage gets more popular, this leads to an increase in its search engine rank leading to even higher viewership. This trick plays on and on by itself thereby promoting your webpage until it reaches the top of the search results.

On average, more than a third of viewers click only on the first link. This number drops as you go down the line. Thus, you might understand the advantages of having an SEO optimized website.

Why does My Business Require Any Optimization?

The answer to this is in the form of statistics:

With over 1.72 billion websites in the world today and 58 billion unique indexed pages in Google search, the likelihood of your website being featured on Google’s search engine alone is quite unlikely unless you were to use the helping hand of Search Engine Optimization.

With over 200 different conditions based on which websites are ranked it is no easy task to push your website to the top of the rankings without careful planning and strategy, so read this article thoroughly and learn the benefits of the SEO strategy.

Source: Statista

1. The Number of Web Users and Their Concentration:

With billions of people on the internet at any point in time, it is not just likely but almost definite that there are going to be users searching for your niche. Without the right presence on their searches, you might miss them altogether and thus lose a lot of possible profit.

An industry worth over $65 billion is bound to attract almost any type of traffic, both domestic and international. By using the right words, you can ensure that your content is directed exactly to the audience you are looking for.

2. SEO Growth:

SEO traffic is one of the easiest and most likely to convert viewers into actual customers, thus giving your products the traction they need.

3. Low Cost to Gain Ratios:

By using SEO to increase the viewership of your sites and articles, you effectively gain viewers for no price at all which is almost impossible any other way. This can only be enhanced by hiring SEO expert companies like Studio Hawk, you will gain more viewers with a low cost which is more than balanced out by the growth in sales.

4. A Long Term Strategy:

Over time, a highly optimized website builds multiple facets of your company, knowledge of the company, popularity of its products, and viewership that naturally builds on itself leading to a strong user base and awareness or even popularity of your product. Over time it also serves as a means to build credibility amongst users.

5. Your Brand Awareness:

Quality SEO content can not only boost the product you plan to show but also your brand as a whole. With more and more people learning about your product, your brand also benefits.

6. Easy Growth:

One of the biggest advantages of SEO is how easily you can expand it once your primary website is properly optimized. With a strong base to grow from, your website can easily expand into multiple domains.

7. SEO as a Replacement:

When it comes to replacing other traditional strategies, SEO works incredibly well. The ability to outperform most of the traditional ways of attracting customers like tele-calling or flyers can be outdone many times over by SEO strategies.

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