Which Tax Relief Company Can We Trust to Help with Back Taxes?

| Updated on October 4, 2023

If you are tired of scams and want a trustworthy company to help you out with your tax debts, you need to look for a few things discussed below. First of all, let’s see what a tax debt relief company is and what it can do for you?

What is a Tax Debt Relief Company?

Tax Debt Relief companies are private organizations that provide you assistance to help settle your debts with the IRS. These companies usually involve tax attorneys like Coast One Tax Attorneys of Coast One company or experienced tax lawyers who have all legal information.  

If you have large amounts of due taxes and can’t pay your taxes, you can contact these organizations. They will give you a free consultation about what to do and how you can ask for debt relief from the IRS. If you need to negotiate with the IRS, these organizations can also do this for you. Their attorneys will act as your representative and negotiate with IRS officials with valid points and evidence. Due to this, your application will easily be accepted for relief by the IRS. 

How to Find a Trustworthy Tax Debt Relief Organization?

You can see a lot of advertisements on television and in newspapers about these tax relief organizations. Most of the companies usually quote they will relieve you from all of your taxes within one appointment, or you don’t need to pay anything. Well, it’s totally wrong. There are many worthy Tax relief companies that you can avail services. Tax relief organizations charge their fees and it depends on your case history whether it can be relieved or not. These companies can only guide you on what to do or their experts can find a loophole with a deep analysis of your tax case. 

Therefore, to find a reliable tax debt relief corporation, you need to look for a few things by yourself before contacting them. You must look for the following things before handling your case to the company. 

1. Look for Their License

To check the reliability of any company, ask for their license first. A licensed company can easily show you their accreditation while a fraudulent one will not. 

Moreover, when consulting with tax attorneys, ask them for their licenses. Usually, fake companies hire simple sales associates and title them as law experts or attorneys. These fakies can’t help you out to find loopholes for your tax relief or defend your case in front of the IRS. 

Therefore, always check credibility if you are looking for a trustworthy company. Otherwise, they simply charge you hefty amounts and will not even forward your paperwork to the IRS. 

2. Money-Back Guarantee

Most tax relief companies can charge you 20, 30, or 50 percent of your tax but don’t claim a refunding policy. Beware of such companies. A reliable organization will always promise you a money-back guarantee if they cannot proceed with your case or let you get relief from your huge taxes. 

3. Look for a Realistic Approach

Many companies advertise that they can settle your hefty debts in exchange for pennies. You should know that your debts can only settle if you pay a large sum of money in exchange for your total debts. The IRS can never relieve debts except for natural disasters. Still, you need to pay your taxes. The IRS can only give you more time or make monthly installments for your large debts, which you need to complete in a reasonable time. 

Therefore, if a company claims that your debts will be relieved fully, simply leave their offices and look for another reliable company. 

4. Confirm Your Privacy 

While discussing your case with a particular company’s consultants, you might need to share your personal finances and history. Therefore, a reliable company will always give you access to their secure platform where you can share your information. 

If a company is not well grounded, they will ask you to share your information on any simple email address, guaranteeing no privacy. Instead of sharing your information, simply stay away from such organizations. They will waste your time and money and your IRS debts will continue to rise. 

Final Thoughts

Tax debt relief organizations not only help you to relieve your IRS debts but can also help filing back taxes. Therefore, you should be vigilant while handling your case with a particular company as most legal procedures will be involved. Otherwise, you will simply lose your precious time, and the IRS will seize your bank accounts or take hold of your properties.  

James Wilson

Business and Finance Expert

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