Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, if there is one platform that benefited the most, it is YouTube. Launched 16 years back in 2005, it is now the biggest video sharing platform in the whole world. YouTube has registered more than 2 billion users worldwide, and the number keeps growing every year.

This social media platform has grown massively as people were confined to their homes and watched different videos for recreational purposes. That is why YouTube has also become a hunting ground for brands who want to attract new customers.

With such a huge audience, brands can’t afford to miss the opportunity to communicate with the people who visit YouTube regularly. If you have a business and want to create an impact online, then YouTube can be the right platform to promote it. It is available in more than 100 countries & more will be joining in the future. For any business that wants to increase sales, YouTube is one of the keys.

If you want to know more about YouTube and how it can help your business, check out these few YouTube statistics before anything else.

1. Second Most Popular Social Media Platform

YouTube is currently the second most social media platform right after Facebook. One of the major reasons why YouTube is so popular is because of its ease of use and how it allows people to watch videos from different countries. Its huge network and convenient UI make it a satisfactory experience for everyone.

YouTube makes it easier for you to watch any video you want and also share it with anyone you want to. With more than 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube is now sitting in second place as the most popular social media platform in the world in 2021. It will continue to be there in the future.

2. Second-Most Popular Search Engine After Google

Yes! You read that right. YouTube is not only the second most popular social media platform but also the second most popular search engine in the world as well. YouTube beats Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and many other top search engines with the most search queries every month. As we already mentioned, YouTube has more than 2 billion users every month, and that is almost 1/3rd of the total number of internet users.

This tells you a lot about the huge popularity of YouTube and clearly shows us why it holds the second position. The overall friendliness of the application is one of the major reasons why people prefer to use YouTube over other search engines that are present in the market in 2021.

3. 720,000 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube Daily

YouTube is like the ocean of videos where anyone can get lost if they don’t know what they are looking for. You’ll be surprised to know that back in 2019, there was an estimated 720,000 hours of video uploaded on YouTube regularly. That means it will take you almost 82 years to finish watching all the videos that are uploaded on YouTube in a single day. How cool is that?

With such a huge amount of content getting uploaded on YouTube regularly, brands just need to mine the right place to cultivate the potential audience for their products or services. That is why businesses cannot afford to ignore investing in YouTube marketing campaigns in 2021.

4. Mobile Users Contribute to Maximum Traffic

When we are talking about YouTube, mobile users have a very important role to play in the overall popularity of the application. YouTube has seen that the majority of its online traffic is due to mobile users around the world. Almost 41% of all the traffic is a contribution of these users. However, the numbers have seen a major shrink in the last 1-2 years as people are streaming YouTube videos on their smart TVs.

Back in 2019, mobile users dominated the share by 49.05%, and TV users were anywhere around 27.0%. But, by the end of 2020, the mobile users decreased to 41%, and TV users now contributed to 34.4% of the overall traffic. Even then, mobile users contribute to the maximum traffic.

5. All Kinds of YouTube Videos Are a Hit

No matter what the genre or niche of your video is, if you have good content, it is bound to do well on YouTube. From gaming to cooking, people have YouTube channels for literally every genre that can be thought of. Only in 2020, you’ll be stunned to know that YouTube generated 100 billion hours of watch time only on gaming videos.

There has been a massive 515% increase in the popularity of home workout and exercise videos since the global pandemic has hit the world. Brands also benefited a lot from this versatile success of YouTube videos in all departments. Brands did Livestream to reach out to more people and engaged them with different content. Livestream content saw a 45% increase in 2020. 

6. YouTube Advertisements Can Do Wonders 

One of the major things that attract brands to promote their products and services on YouTube is the effectiveness of YouTube adverts. It has been found that at least 70% of all the people purchased after they saw an advertisement for the product on YouTube. YouTube advertising campaigns can deliver at least 32% more will to the people to make a purchase online.

 YouTube made $5.56 billion only via advertising campaigns and promotional content that brands were willing to pay. That is a 260% increase of what YouTube used to previously earn before 2020 from ad revenues. The revenue is supposed to cross the $6.5 billion mark revenue by the end of 2022 or even before.

The Bottom Line

So, here are the top YouTube statistics that you should know and learn about. All the above-mentioned statistics will help you to realize how important and big YouTube is as a social media platform in 2021. From small businesses to top brands, YouTube has allowed everyone to promote their businesses in the most effective way, and that is why it is now one of the promising platforms in 2021. Let us know which one of the statistics surprised you the most and why it is so!

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