The technical revolution, especially in the last 50 years, has brought us so many wonderful machines, the things that we can do today, existed only in the imagination of science fiction writers years ago. But as we have become more and more dependent on high-tech devices, we have also created many specializations to make the best use of technology. High tech devices are everywhere now, but to get them where they need to go safely, and to ensure that they function after they arrive, has created a niche service known as white glove delivery.  This title can be applied to many different specialists, but the main aspect is that they attend to every facet of getting the technology and delicate materials to new locations and make it work.

Who Uses White Glove Delivery

Depending on the definition of the term, almost everybody could use a white glove delivery at some time. The service is even involved with the delivery of furniture and appliances. The more expensive, delicate, or technical something is, the more likely it is you are going to want someone like technical delivery services from TecDis, with experience and the right equipment making the delivery. 

Examples of White Glove Delivery Services

1. Computer and Digital Technologies:

When you have components that are created in a cleanroom environment, you want to have people who are experienced with cleanroom protocol, when receiving or shipping equipment. There is white glove personnel who specialize in cleanroom delivery.

2. Art and Antiques:

Just about everything in the art and antique world is delicate, and usually It is irreplaceable too. This is not a job that should be left with a standard moving or logistics company. Galleries all over the world use white glove services.

3. Furniture and Large Appliances:

When people purchase high-end goods, they want to be sure that they are in excellent hands. Qualified delivery people will have the special tools and experience to do the job right with a minimum of inconvenience. High-end appliances can also be delicate, and some require expert installation.

4. Laboratories and Hospitals:

Medical and laboratory equipment can cost millions of dollars and require a lot of planning just to make the move happen successfully. White glove specialists who deal with these types of technology are usually specialists that work closely with the manufacturer or on contract with the hospital or lab.

5. Hazardous Materials:

Some industries create and rely upon materials that can be catastrophically dangerous when mishandled. Radioactive or highly toxic materials need specialized transport and personnel to ensure safe results.

There are many more examples, even space agencies and people making satellites will be depending upon delivery experts for the logistics of moving valuable cargo from one place to another. These types of jobs never existed before. It used to be if you needed something, it was up to you to go get it, and if something happened to it, well, that was your problem. Now you can hire experts who will have all the right tools. And you can even purchase insurance, so nothing is left to chance. Thus, eliminating devastating losses from unsafe delivery practices.