Sooner or later, every business comes to SEO. Mostly, it doesn’t really matter what you are doing; SEO became just a basic need for every company. However, despite setting it up as a simple marketing rule, it can be very headache-making for any company manager at first glance. Whether you want to increase your website views or want more quality content, there arises a logical question, whom exactly to entrust this mission, and how to identify what will be better for your enterprise? 

What to Consider When Outsourcing SEO

And, typically, here come two solutions: In-House SEO or Outsourcing SEO. If you don’t understand what these two terms mean, and more importantly, how to make a decision and win over SEO, you are in the right place. Below we will explain some of the main differences and possibilities. 

What is SEO Outsourcing? 

SEO Outsourcing is most often identified as a practice of entrusting the execution of search engine optimization related tasks to an external service or person (service is more common). SEO outsource for e-commerce usually include many diverse performances like content updating and creating, keyword research and link-building, etc. So, the complexity and variety of the tasks often lead to needing a highly- experienced specialist. 

And that is why SEO Outsourcing experts are so popular and are demanded on the market. Moreover, the big attitude of outsourcing SEO is its cost. Because, basically, when you are developing your SEO marketing strategy from scratch, you either have to swell your company and create another specific marketing department or take advantage of outsourcing. As you understand, the quality of service and budget are playing the leading roles. 

At the same time, it is crucial to realize that outsourcing SEO doesn’t mean completely free and in-house SEO – expensive. To better understand the issue, we suggest moving on to the next part of the article. 

Pros and Cons of In-House SEO and Outsourcing SEO

Some key factors influence which marketing experts you will prefer. One of the main reasons managers chooses in-house SEO is to have more control over their digital marketing department. Also, by hiring a specialist with a lot of experience in the field, you can be sure that they will be successfully integrated into your central team and have more profound knowledge and vision of your company’s specific needs. 

However, you still shouldn’t forget that you will have to pay higher costs for your department expansion and invest more in the training of the new employees. 

On the other hand, when it comes to outsourcing, things are pretty different here. When you engage someone outside your business, you have an excellent opportunity to receive an objective view from a team of very diverse professionals, who may see things from the other perspective. Nevertheless, agency tariffs are usually cheaper, and staff does not require the additional SEO workouts, as they typically keep an eye on the latest trends.

As you may see, such an approach will mean that you will have more minor jurisdiction and government over the process, but such things are more crucial for giant companies. If you lack SEO experience and don’t have an enormous budget, this option will be the best for you. Though, there are some dangers of outsourcing SEO. For example, it happens quite often that any outsourcing company can be located overseas, and you have to check it carefully if it is not a fraud. 

In any case, between Outsourcing SEO and In-house SEO, there is no right or wrong answer. It is just up to you, which variant feels better to you, and it largely depends on the type of enterprise you are leading and your financial abilities. But, if you finally decide to try an outsourcing service, you have to contemplate some basic notions for working effectively and not throw money down the drain. 

5 Actions to Work Effectively with Outsourcing SEO and Receive Best Results 

Congratulations, you are determined to collaborate with an outsourcing SEO agency. But how exactly to build your relations with it and create an efficient strategy? You will find out below. 

Determine Your Costs 

The cost is a reason why companies choose to outsource SEO. But thinking that you can just pay almost nothing and receive a worthy SEO will be a big mistake. Yes, outsourcing agencies are always a cheaper option than opening a digital marketing department inside your office, but still, don’t forget that high quality means corresponding prices. You are already saving when working with the outsourcing company, so you can’t avoid spending at all. Keep in mind that the average SEO cost for small businesses varies from 750 dollars to 2000 dollars per month. Not bad for “just some rankings”, right? 

That is why, in the early stages, you have to contemplate SEO as a long-term investment that, in skillful hands, will bring you twice as much as your primary venture.  So, first of all, establish your budget. Then, the best thing you can do before signing a contract with the first came across outsourcing company is a little research. The main risk here is to get into a dishonest firm. At least check out their website and explore some feedback from other clients. 

Know Your Necessities 

This time we are coming to your inside investigation. To effectively interact with an outsourcing company, you have to acknowledge your perspectives and demands. Make sure that you know what you are looking for. Thus, it will automatically narrow your searching circle and make it more straightforward for you and your SEO agency to begin. 

Also, be aware of trying to cover all aspects at once. SEO requires building a strategy, so any attempt to do everything will likely fail. Calculate whether you need some technical onsite SEO or you need an extensive analysis of your competitors. Furthermore, if you are attracted to onsite SEO, like keyword research and content creating, that is ultimately another story. At the same time, if your point of interest is link building and engaging with influencers, consider some additional spendings. 

As you can see, the field is quite broad, so if you need only one aspect of it, there is no need for hiring the whole team. You can just find a freelancer if you need a piece of content, for example, or interact directly with the blogger if you need promotion. The rule works inverse, as well. Don’t employ many different people if you can simply find an outsourcing service with a complementary approach. 

Set Your Aims Right 

This point is directly linked with the previous one. Set the list of goals which you would like to achieve finally. Also, try to roughly imagine logical steps and how long it will take you to carry through with them. Besides, don’t set some unrealistic goals just to stimulate your outsourcing service to work harder. The best tip is to break your main aim into little steps. This way, you will see progress fastly and matter-of-fact. 

Be Sure That Your Companies’ Values Coincide  

Making a partnership with a totally new company is never easy. You already have some specific methods of working, values, and an image that you are translating to the world. And your choice of whom to work with will reflect on your reputation. That means your own brand identity and outsourcing service should at least share some of these ideas. People you are going to interact with should carefully study the structure and methods of your company.

For this purpose, we highly recommend you to check out with whom your SEO outsourcing service has been working before. Also, consider the fact that you should not only find common ground, but you have to feel comfortable at all levels. You will be contacted almost all the time with different intensity and frequency and having video conferences or calls. The thing is that such communication will depend on how well you understand your needs. This doesn’t mean that you have to merge completely. It is about that your own interests and outsourcing companies’ interests shouldn’t contradict.  Make sure that your partner service doesn’t play by its own rules, and does everything possible for achieving your similar goals. 

Choose an SEO agency 

After passing all the previous steps, and difficult selection, you came to the culminating, and most important stage – the final decision. And at this difficult period we recognize your concerns, as even after picking the best of the best, there is a risk of losing your money for nothing. That is one of the main worries and reasons why businesses can be afraid of working with an outsourcing company. Still, as this branch is developing more and more every day, and companies prefer outsourcing, the game is worth the candle. 

The whole process does not end at the signing of a contract. The company will grow, its needs will change, and the market will dictate new business conditions. Consequently, the SEO services which you are receiving should scale and evolve with them. When selected correctly, an outsourcing company will ensure that your infrastructure meets changing business needs through continuous optimization and proactive service. Technologies also do not stand still, and with a highly-competent SEO outsourcing, you can get the most modern services and solutions without additional investment. 


So, should you opt for an outsourcing SEO or in-house extension? This choice we leave for you, but we hope that after reading this article you have a more clear vision of what suits you the most. Anyway, such a decision will depend on your budget, how flexible your company is, and how much control you are ready to give to the SEO manager. The most important – the transition to outsourcing or in-house SEO, should by no means be an end in itself, a tribute to technological fashion. Also, it is not an opportunity to shift your difficulties on the shoulders of service providers. The move towards outsourcing should be justified by increasing business efficiency and carried out consciously.