If you will ask anyone in the world what wristwatch brand they would want to receive in the future, you will probably hear Rolex as their answer. The same brand is likely on the top of your mind if you plan to buy yourself a luxury watch. But since it will cost you a large portion of your savings, you are probably still undecided whether or not to push through with your plan. So, we have prepared a guide that includes the reasons and factors to consider before finally deciding if Rolex is right for you.

Reasons to Buy Yourself a Rolex Watch

Before we dive into why you must buy yourself a Rolex watch, let’s first get to know more about the brand. The company producing Rolex has been providing people with exemplary products since 1905. Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf are its founders.  Since then, it has positioned itself as a market leader in the watch industry. The type of steel that Rolex uses makes it corrosion resistant and more durable. Its competitors can’t be at par with the quality and material that it utilizes. They can’t meet the required additional capital and workforce.

Since you now have an idea about Rolex, let’s start enumerating valid reasons to buy a watch of this brand. You might want to make it a symbol of a life goal that you were able to reach. For instance, you might find yourself wanting to purchase a Rolex Sky Dweller or a Rolex Milgauss to symbolize your most-awaited business success or a job promotion you were looking forward to a few years ago. It is nice to have something that will constantly remind you of your accomplishments. These accomplishments became possible because you were determined to succeed.

Secondly, the functionality of Rolex watches might have enticed you in buying them. The watches mentioned earlier, namely Sky-Dweller and Submariner, are not just a symbol for your success. They can also satisfy or even surpass your expectations for a timepiece. For example, Sky-Dweller has a feature that will allow you to easily adjust the time, day of the week, and month by using a bezel, instead of crown and pushers. While the Submariner is durable and has better water resistance best if swimming is one of your hobbies. Aside from these two, there are numerous other Rolex watches with outstanding features that you never knew you needed. 

Next is you probably want to have a watch that could last for a long time. Who wouldn’t want it, right? Rolex has proven itself when it comes to the longevity of its products. That is why you might have wanted to buy a Rolex watch with the hopes of passing it down to the next generations to come.  It can be a family tradition that can start with you!

Lastly, this brand is a good investment for your hard-earned money. Since a lot of people know Rolex as a popular brand of watch, they are willing to spend money for its products even if it is secondhand. So, if you feel like you no longer need the watch, then you can sell it at the same price or slightly higher than the original selling price. Once someone successfully buys the watch you currently own, you can use the money to buy the latest Rolex watch available in the market.

If you find yourself having the same reasons as stated above, consider it as a telling sign to buy yourself one.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Rolex Watch?

You can only avail the best Rolex watch if you know a lot about its products. When buying luxury watches, such as Rolex, you must first do your research to avoid regretting what you have purchased. You should not rush the decision-making process because the cost you will incur is not just a dollar, but thousands of it. Your research may be in the form of watching videos and reading articles on google to know almost all options available for you. If you understand all the features of the watch, you can make better decisions. It will allow you to pinpoint the best watch for your needs. 

The next thing you need to keep in mind is your financial capability. You must have sufficient funds to buy the watch in full while still able to sustain your other financial responsibilities. You should not buy a Rolex watch that you could not afford. It will only lead you to a life with multiple debts which no one would like to end-up with, right?

In Conclusion

A vast majority of people still consider Rolex as one of the most sought-after brands even though it sells timepieces at a much higher price than the other brands in the market. Its manufacturer made this possible by producing high-quality products, offering fresh innovations, and implementing aggressive marketing strategies for centuries to this day.