Device Fingerprinting for Different Tasks

| Updated on October 4, 2023

Fighting criminals for a long time, law enforcement agencies have invented many effective tools to catch them. One of the most famous is fingerprinting. But what if the crime has moved online and left no more fingerprints?

Right! The best way is to make device fingerprinting. With such a tool scammers won’t be left unnoticed. All risky operations will be fixed. You will know what your clients did at your web resources.

Techniques of Device Check for Tracking Users

You need a device check or a browser fingerprint on numerous occasions:

  • when you want to gather statistics on users of your internet resources       
  • when you conduct internal analytics in order to increase the efficiency of your business
  • when you combat scammers, bots, application or payment fraudster, etc.

Device fingerprinting is the most reliable technique for tracking users. It involves the creation of a unique browser fingerprint of the user’s computer or mobile device, taking into account all publicly available parameters. Even when cookies are disabled, device fingerprinting allows identifying users. It is commonly used for e-Commerce fraud detection since it allows identifying account takeovers and payment fraud.

Device Fingerprinting Tool by Covery

If you want to check the device with browser fingerprinting, contact one of the best anti-fraud online platforms, Covery. It is well-known among AML specialists, data scientists, payment managers, etc. Companies from Europe, the USA, and other countries of the world highly appreciate its device fingerprinting tool. Covery provides free maintenance and free integration for its customers.

Web Fingerprinting for Your Safe Operations

Covery offers a JavaScript string that can be embedded into your landing page, checkout page, or any other page required. This script will capture publicly available details of every device during every session. A combination of these details forms a digital fingerprint, which can be changed with time (when OS or browser version gets updated, for example), but still allows to identify devices with a high degree of accuracy.

With device check by Covery, all your business operations will be protected by advanced technologies based on machine learning and the best team of professionals!

Billy Willson


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