10 Proven Ways Which Make Learning Any Language Easy

| Updated on October 6, 2023

Language improves your memory and improves your performance in the academic area. Learning a second language helps you connect with different people worldwide, and it also plays a significant role in your career. By learning foreign languages, you will see the world from different perspectives. Here are some possible ways to practice comprehensible input and enhance your own foreign language experience.

Online Courses

Online courses are one of the most efficient ways to learn a second language. Most online courses allow you to practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and the foundation of a specific language. Almost all online courses are easily accessible and convenient. Online courses also provide a nice list of languages that you can learn. Some online courses also offer live classes conducted by highly professional teachers. Online courses also have excellent teaching methodologies, making it easy for beginners to adapt to new concepts. You can find many free online courses for instance, “Duolingo”, “Babbel” and “Rosetta Stone” are some of the best online platforms one can find

Make Foreign Friends

Friendship is one of the best ways of communication, and there is a possibility that it becomes easier to learn a new language. It may be challenging for many people to make new friends because we all know the first step is always tricky, but once you get along with them, things become pretty easy. You can contact your foreign friends via social media and meet them in person. You can have small talk with your foreign friends in their language because we are most comfortable when we are around our friends. We will not find any problem asking them general questions about their culture, language, country, tradition, people, etc. 

Watch Movies or Series

Everyone loves watching movies and series, and one can binge watch these movies or series the whole day but guess what? Now you can be productive and learn a new language by just lying on your bed. We all have seen some of the most famous non-English series like “Squid Game”, “Money Heist”, and “Dark” and at some point, we were interested in their languages and were willing to learn common phrases. Selecting the right movie or series is also necessary. One should have proper subtitles and take notes while watching a particular film to help them memorize that language faster.

Practicing Languages Daily

The key to learning any language easily is to practice that language daily. Using that language in normal daily conversation helps you to memorize it faster. Consistency is essential to success, so one should be consistent while practicing and reviewing their daily language lessons. Practice helps you learn more quickly and enables you to memorize it faster, and practicing daily helps you remember it for a more extended period. Daily routine should involve solving worksheets, taking notes, practicing pronunciation, main understanding objectives, and the most critical revising. 

Make It Interesting

Learning a new language can be crucial initially and sometimes hectic, but you can make it fun. You can find many online language games which will make this learning process exciting for you. Who doesn’t like watching movies? Watch exciting movies with subtitles in the language you want to learn. You can also ask your friends to join you in this language learning journey and make it enjoyable. Listening to podcasts music, reading online, scrolling social media, and learning some rhymes, tongue twisters, and lyrics can also make it amusing. 

Visiting a Foreign Country


is way better than learning a language in your country. By spending more time in a foreign country you never think about any other language because from speaking with locals to watching tv shows or ordering food, you will have to use their language. This will also help you use this language in your daily conversation, and it will also develop your interest in that specific language. When you see other native speakers chatting in their language, you would like to get involved, which would probably make you speak that language fluently. 


Music is a proven and effective way to learn any language. It also makes it easy and fun to learn. Everyone enjoys music and finds it a great source of pleasure. Music is easily accessible, you can keep a playlist of songs in that specific language, and you can listen to it anywhere, anytime. Singing those songs and producing sounds also improve your pronunciation. Lyrics can also be an excellent source to memorize the language faster, improving your vocabulary. Listen to the songs and at the same time read the text. You’ll find many new phrases and words that you haven’t heard before.

Self Study

Self-studying can be the best form of learning. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Self-studying involves the process of reading, writing, understanding, practicing, memorizing, and revising. Once you have been through all the steps mentioned above, learn a second language would not be a big deal for you anymore. You can sit anywhere and study the language you like anytime. This method also helps you save a lot of money as you no longer have to waste your money on overpriced tutors, this is why finding the right tutor to learn language is quite difficult. Self-studying seems complicated for some people, but self-studying makes you point out your own mistakes, and you won’t repeat the same error. 


Sometimes all you need is motivation to do anything. Motivation plays a significant role in learning a second language. People may often find ups and downs, but that doesn’t make them give up just because of motivation. Motivation is a mental event that gives you hope. Motivation also helps you to determine your goals. Once you are genuinely motivated, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Now that you know countless easy ways of learning different languages, You should start learning new languages right away. Learning languages is not always free but learning Ukrainian is free to stand by the Ukrainians who are suffering from the current conditions. 

Zayn Tindall

Zayn is currently working as an English Lecturer in one of the reputed colleges in New York. She has even worked as a career counsellor for the last 5 years. Zayn loves to spend his spare time reading educational books, novels and writing educational blogs and articles. 

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