6 Effective Ways to Generate Health Insurance Leads in 2023

| Updated on November 9, 2023

Staying healthy and getting themselves insured is not a bad thing to do in the modern world. This makes room for insurance agencies to generate health insurance leads. Read this blog till the end to know about some of the simple tips that can help your company stay ahead of the curve to attain more leads and for the overall growth of your agency. 

Effective Tips to Generate Health Insurance Leads

By Asking for Referrals

A referral from a happy client makes sure that the quality of the lead is top-notch. But at the same time, referrals are pretty hard to earn especially when you are new in the market and your client list isn’t that big.

The good thing about this is there is no such guideline that states that a referral can only come from a customer. Trusted contacts can help you to introduce yourself to new potential customers such as friends, family, or ex-colleagues. 

Even if you face the miserable fate of having to listen to a client cancel their policy, you can always try to humbly remind them that you are always there for them anytime they change their mind. You can also try creating a systematic way for conducting exit surveys when clients leave to better know about the areas that need improving. 

By Being Active in Your Community 

One way to establish yourself as a caring and committed member of the community is by being a volunteer. One can also show off the chops of the insurance industry by following the things mentioned below;

  • For insurance purchases, you can advise local charities
  • By taking parts in online forums or meetups in areas near you. 
  • By gathering small business owners via hosting seminars. 
  • By taking part as a guest speaker for business groups
  • By offering assistance to the friends and family of the client when it seems appropriate.

Also, always keep in mind that the priority here is to contribute to the community in the best way possible. Sincerity and generosity will make sure that your name stays on top of client’s minds when they require your services. 

Try Being Old School

Privacy laws in the modern world have made it difficult for companies to connect with insurance leads. Although there are a few methods that are as good as ever. These include;

  • Fishbowl drawings
  • Print advertisements
  • Via reading the local paper

Modern Techniques

Websites are known to be a great way of generating leads. You can try by enabling features that need contact information, for instance, newsletter signup or a “get a word” button. But keep in mind that not all of the work cannot be done by these elements. 

Although there are other things that you may do such as;

  • Try putting contact forms on every page
  • By highlighting the contact information
  • Via enhancing your credibility with the inclusion of testimonials 

You should never cut out the possibility of getting referrals from social media. Resources that are often left untouched can help in finding clients and are often used by new insurance agencies that are on the lookout for new clients to grow their list.

Via Starting a Referral Program

This is probably the easiest way to increase leads. It is as easy as telling someone “If you hear of anyone else that I can help do send them my way”. Referral may seem better if you add some sort of incentive every time you are referred to someone. These incentives can come in the form of;

  • Movie tickets
  • Gift cards
  • Lottery tickets

This method is used by plenty of agencies with the exception that a sale is not attached to it, but always make sure to cross-check with your department before doing something like that. 

Network Like Everything Depends on It

There are tons of different people who require insurance but not any one of them is waiting for you, which is why you need to start making contacts by;

  • Via joining a chamber of commerce
  • By being active on social media
  • By attending meetup groups and networking events
  • Via keeping in touch with your alumni association

These are some of the best methods that can help you to generate leads effectively. 

All this may seem like a lot but if you are cautious in using unorthodox tactics and aim to better the community, your business will come running at your front door.

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