No matter how independent we become, sometimes living all alone at home can feel daunting. However, no one should feel overwhelmingly anxious or scared in their own home, so it’s best to safeguard your property first to ensure you always feel like you’re in full control. 

The most effective way to feel secure at home is to put all the preventative measures in place and plan ahead, that way you can rest assured at night time and always feel safe and comfortable. Here are five of the best tips that can help calm your nerves and make you feel protected.

Invest in Premium Locks 

The locks on your various doors and windows are your home’s first line of defense, so you must always make sure each lock is bolted whenever necessary. For extra security, invest in locks that can be fitted onto doors for a secondary line of protection. Barriers Direct have a great selection of protective locks, including a strong and sturdy garage security lock that can be easily installed onto the inside of your garage door.

Get a Security Camera

One of the most efficient ways of feeling secure in your home is to install a set of security cameras in and around the property. Not only will the presence of a camera deter intruders from entering the premises, but it will also capture incriminating footage if anything was to happen. Start by researching what type of security camera is suitable for your house, and keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need the most expensive one. Budget CCTV cameras do the job just fine. 

Befriend Your Neighbours

Whatever happened to the neighborhood watch, right? Depending on what community you live in, sometimes befriending a neighbor isn’t so easy. However, if you live all alone and are particularly anxious about the safety of the area you live in, reaching out to the neighboring homes around you can be a great way of feeling like you’ve got someone looking out for you. 

Secure Your Garden

Exterior lights are another brilliant way of deterring potential intruders, and these should be set up in your front and rear gardens. The best lights are motion-detecting types, which shine a warning spotlight on anyone entering your driveway or garden uninvited. The landscaping of your garden bushes and shrubbery can also keep burglars out, especially if they’re prickly or thorny, so keep this in mind when planning the sightline and entry point into your garden.

Get a Personal Safety Alarm

If you’re overwhelmingly nervous about your personal security at home, it might be a good idea to purchase a personal safety alarm. Whether it be a physical buttoned alarm or an app on your phone, they can be a great way of helping you feel relaxed and comfortable knowing that protection is just one button press away. For the most vulnerable people, you can even purchase alarms that automatically send a distress message to emergency services.