Vivo has not only been triumphing in low-cost premium phones and high-end ones — they are also dominating the middle-ranged category. Another addition to their V-series is the vivo V20 SE. With new releases, what makes the vivo V20 SE different? See the catch! 

Why is vivo V20 SE Your New Partner in Style?

7.83 mm 3D Slim Body

Weighing only 171 grams, vivo made sure that the V20 SE weighs as light as a feather. The 7.83 mm 3D Slim Body is comfortable and fits in one’s hand. It is just like carrying a cloud – soft and airy. You can easily carry it anywhere you go and slip it into your pocket without any hassle. vivo does not want a hassle, bulky phone that will ruin moments. Although there is quite a camera bump.

Magical Color Scheme

The vivo V20 SE is available in two variants: Gravity Black and Oxygen Blue. These designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the universe and nature’s grace. Hence, the names. It was also influenced by trending fashion that resulted in an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching design. 

The Gravity Black sports a shade of deep colors of black and gray. It is highly-influenced by space and gravity. If you are into these types of design, then opt for this. But if you are into the light shades and more vibrant ones, the Oxygen Blue is the perfect fit! The light blue gradient design feels lightweight and fresh on the eyes. It was inspired by the skies, the oxygen, the blue hues. It generates peace, stability, and brightness. 

AMOLED Halo Display

The 6.44-inched phone has an AMOLED Halo Display with a screen ratio of 90.12%. The vivo V20 SE’s display is pretty bright, thanks to the 103% NTSC saturation. It illustrates the colors well, vibrant, and in full. As expected, you may struggle a bit viewing when outdoors as the sun is striking. 

32 MP Front Camera

The front camera is equipped with 32MP that is capable of capturing every detail. It is clear, sharp, and well-detailed. It also has Super Night Selfie Mode — which lets you capture perfect selfies even at night with the perfect balance of brightness and clarity, Selfie Softlight Band with the standard-studio lighting, and Multi-Style Portrait. 

48MP Triple AI Camera

Meanwhile, vivo V20 SE has a triple camera setup with a 48MP Main Camera. From dawn till dusk or landscapes to portraits, you will not find it difficult to take photos! Moreover, the main camera features include Super-Wide Angle, Super Macro, and 4K video.

For a phone that is thin, slim, and lightweight as the vivo V20 SE, it sure does offer a lot of features useful and convenient for day-to-day errands. Besides the magnificent color choices, it also has a great camera performance. For the battery part, it leaves 10 to 15% of battery percentage after working from home the whole day and with moderate usage. Still, this is a catch as you can recharge instantly with the inclusive 33W Flash Charge feature.

Considering the price point and the category which is a middle-range one, the new vivo V20 SE could be the best choice for you.