How to Use Parental Controls on Netflix!

Netflix Kids is undoubtedly an attractive video streaming platform for children. It provides vast libraries ​full of entertainment with many TV shows, movies, and anime content. At the same time, it also has tons of mature and adult content, not appropriate for kids watching. 

Fortunately, Netflix has impressive customer-centric features like parental controls, which allow you to restrict adult content, so kids can only watch videos suitable for their age. Learn more about how to configure these parental controls with the steps below! 

How to Set Up Parental Controls

You can set up parental controls using the Netflix app. However, if you want to take full control over the mature content to keep your children safe, use a web browser for extended options.

Method # 1 – Creating a New Kids Profile

If you also have kids at home, then you must use this feature. You can create a new user profile dedicated to kids to restrict the adult content by enabling a password on the mature content. 

  1. Open Netflix and “log in” to your Netflix account.
  2. Click on “Manage Profiles” at the top right corner under the profile icon.
  3. Hit on “Add Profile,” enter your kid’s name, and check the box next to Kid. Press “Continue.”
  4. Click the kids’ profile icon you just created and move to “Maturity Settings” press Edit.
  5. Type your Netflix account password to complete the verification process.
  6. Select the age rating on the viewing restriction page for created kids to profile TV-Y (6 and under); TV-Y7 (7 and younger); TV-G/G (general audience); TV-PG/PG (parental guidance)

Additionally, you can activate the Netflix Kids Experience option, if you think that any inappropriate title can come in front of their screen. 

In such a case, simply move the movie/TV show to the “Under Title Restrictions,”. You can enter the names of movies/shows you don’t want your kid to watch and “Hit” on the “Save” button.

List of Top 20 Best Shows for Kids Entertainment

Netflix has many appealing titles that interest kids. Here is a list of the best shows on Netflix UK that are perfect and safe to watch for children:

  1. Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom
  2. Dream Works Dragons: Rescue Riders
  3. The Boss Baby: Back in Business
  4. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous
  5. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
  6. Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon
  7. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  8. Trolls: The Beat Goes On
  9. Last Kids on Earth
  10. Ask the StoryBots
  11. Carmen Sandiego
  12. DC Super Hero Girls
  13. Go! Go! Cary Carson
  14. Green Eggs and Ham
  15. Spirit Riding Free
  16. Mighty Express
  17. Super Monsters
  18. Dragons: Race to the Edge
  19. PJ Masks
  20. Hilda

Method # 2 – Keep a Password for Each Netflix User

Creating passwords for Netflix users is another great way to ensure each user in the home views suitable and safe movies/TV shows. Parents will be the sole custodian of the content protection.

It keeps children away from viewing and accessing the profiles of their parents or siblings from playing and looking at each other’s watch history. 

You can also set a new password later on if you do not want your kids to use experience Netflix independently. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Click on “Account” under the profile icon.
  2. Move down to the “Profile and Parental Controls” section
  3. Select a profile (for example kids profile name is Emma)
  4. Click on “Change” at “Profile lock.”
  5. Enter your account password
  6. Create a new four-digit password

Wrapping Up

Netflix offers something for everyone, including kids. However, if you have kids at home, setting up parenting controls is incredibly important. This guide does list the tips for you to do so, but if you

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