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How to Use LinkedIn for Sales Lead Generation?

Lead generation remains a significant concern for many entrepreneurs and marketers. Considering the competition in the markets, the shares of the economic pie become less. Thus, the marketers think of new ways to target their leads and turn them into customers. 

Linkedin’s lead generation strategy is one of the approaches that marketers found to be effective in some niches. Like any social media, it offers excellent opportunities in terms of data collection and message proliferation. However, to get leads on Linkedin, data and targeted ads may not be enough. Marketers should apply the proper communication, give the right offers, and do it at the right time. 

In this post, you will know how to prospect on LinkedIn and whether LinkedIn is the only tool you would need.

Ways to Get Leads on LinkedIn

Before all, LinkedIn has developed significantly in the last few years. It has become not only a place for business networking. Now, marketers, entrepreneurs, brands, and media use it. Why? With it, they generate leads in different ways. 


There are various ways of advertisements on Linkedin. They may be in the form of video, images, or even messages. How are those beneficial? They work on the targeting principle, and if you have your target audience defined, it may be an excellent option for you. 

The reason is that you can target a person based on skills, profession, interests. However, before launching a campaign, you will need to customize your profile and the message you are to propose. In the end, your message and profile content should reflect the goal of your campaign, whether it is raising awareness, improving engagement, or bringing conversions to the website.


Producing content on LinkedIn is another way to attract leads, leading to sales. As this social platform is about professional and business growth, sharing advice or expertise can be a way to nurture leads. 

In particular, a brand or person can create a group or community where useful content would be shared. Besides, the groups can be seen as a blog, but for business people who ask questions. Answering them would contribute to lead nurturing and can result in b2b services promotion with subsequent sales. 


Lastly, when you can connect with people on LinkedIn, it is about building new relationships with people and setting a warm call. Linkedin allows getting warm leads instead of cold ones. How? When a potential buyer receives the LinkedIn message or InMail in their box, they at least can go and check your profile. There is a certain trust in the particular social media. Also, if you make the message more personalized, there are greater chances for a response. 

As a result, entrepreneurs and marketers can write directly to their prospects, ask for a meeting, share a project, or offer a deal. The choice to use LinkedIn for lead generation is not easy. There are limitations, while the response depends on how good-looking and clear your message or profile. Marketers should consider some peculiarities.

How to prospect on Linkedin

Interestingly, prospecting on LinkedIn involves three essential elements. They are to define trust, value, and engagement. 

  • Profile. You should develop your profile so that it portrays your activity or business. It can represent a brand and its values. Thus, try to fill all the fields, starting from summary blocks, skills, and experience.
  • Content. Make sure you post and repost, as well as engage in the discussions. One of the tips is to enter different groups and share your expertise there. If it is good enough, people will visit your profile and develop their interest. Providing value to the prospects is the main goal here.
  • Communication. Connect with the prospects and encourage them to start a discussion. One can begin with viewing other profiles, and, once you are viewed back, do not hesitate to write them. If they viewed your profile, they might be interested. For you, it is an occasion to make a cold message warmer.

However, do not sell at once; define the prospect’s need that your business can assist them with. After it, establish the time for a call to discuss it. Depending on how appealing your message is, you can increase your sales in the end.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools

At the same time, LinkedIn offers vast options in terms of data and targeting. In this regard, you can find new contacts and analyze them as your prospects. It works in several ways. 

You can create your own list of business prospects by searching for information by yourself. It is a kind of manual analysis. Nevertheless, there is automation software that can import data from LinkedIn into the CRM. 

There are such LinkedIn lead generation tools as Linked Sales Navigator, Linked Helper, GetProspect, etc. Some of them are scraping means; others email finders with extensions or universal solutions that are used in email marketing. That way, you can build a new list of corporate contacts with emails, job positions, or any available information.

Simultaneously, one can use a lead management database and analyze in detail specific contacts from there. You can check this one, for instance, The particular database has information on prospects, including a URL of a LinkedIn profile. 

Why is it important? The marketer may want to visit it for the elaboration of a more targeted approach in their email marketing or any other digital marketing campaign. 

Bottom Line

Linkedin gives different ways for a lead generation strategy to start. After reading this post, you know the basics of how to use LinkedIn for lead generation. You may choose to place an ad or collect data and write a cold but targeted message. This social media significantly contributes to targeting and segmenting, and, thus, to the sales funnel.

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