There are a lot of healthcare options available out there and if you want to stay ahead above all the other healthcare services, iMatrix can help you. Utilizing iMatrix can increase your practice’s online visibility. This will help you generate more appointments through the use of digital marketing solutions. iMatrix can cater to all medical industries and specialties. It is easy to use making it easy and fast to put your service out there for potential patients to see.

It is iMatrix’s goal to help you attract more leads, help you engage with online users, convert those users into patients, and retain those patients and sustain your practice’s growth.

But What is Healthcare Marketing and How Does it Work?

Healthcare marketing is a strategy doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers use to look for potential clients and patients. Nurturing your connections with those potential clients and patients can form long-term and loyal patients. This strategy benefits them because marketing can contribute to client growth. Healthcare services thrive from an increasing patient population that’s why it is important for them to utilize marketing strategies. To learn more about the advantages of healthcare marketing read further.

Before anything else, here are quick facts about healthcare marketing that proves its effectiveness.

  • According to Google, 88% of those wanting to know more health information start with searching online.
  • Also according to Google, 48% of patients take 2 weeks of research before booking an appointment.

As you can see, stating your presence online is very important because this is where people look for information. Being present online greatly boosts your chances of getting more patients and clients.

The benefit of healthcare marketing is being able to put out information about your services. According to statistics, 94% of the patients think that the reputation of the facility is important. Marketing is a great way to establish your credentials and why the patients should choose you. 90% of patients care about insurance availability and 85% find it important that your healthcare service uses the latest technology. If you are able to present these ideas more people will be drawn to choosing your services. This is why marketing is a great tool that you should utilize.

You can educate your clients about your practice through the content that you share online. You can also put out important information such as contact details and clinic location. Interaction and connecting with patients will also be possible.

To get an idea of how the people respond to health care marketing, once you have all your marketing out there, here are the actions that patients do when they see an ad:

  • 39% visit the website of the treatment center that was advertised
  • 38% begin the research process
  • 36% consider a treatment center that was advertised
  • 26% conduct searches for more information.

If you haven’t been using healthcare marketing solutions before, it is time to utilize them now! There are so many benefits and advantages that it makes it a no-brainer decision. Be present online and garner more long-term and loyal patients.