Why Are Jobs in the UK Dropping But Unemployment Statistics Staying Same?

Currently, there are more than three million people in the UK without jobs. However, everything is still looking positive with people judging the country and their economy according to the unemployment rate, which stayed unchanged from 3.9% over the last several months. The fear at this point is that the country will suddenly see their employment rates sink significantly with predictions stating that it could be worse than the recession of 2009.

The 3.9% unemployment rate is not a lie with multiple reasons on why the number stands at that. The most significant being that the Government is funding most companies to reduce the number of jobs lost which could take a toll on the economy at a later stage. While this has been productive in the short term, companies have employees who are on their payroll without the ability to pay them themselves, not add to the unemployment list. Furthermore, there is a large population in the UK who have lost their jobs but are not planning on getting back into the job market any time soon since its a weak market. They are just planning on waiting it out till the economy gets better regarding work and the pandemic overall. These numbers are again not added to the unemployed category since they are not looking to work. Thirdly, the unemployment statistics are collected over three months at a time. Over the first three months of the year, the world was not significantly affected by the pandemic. Additionally, the next three months were quite alright from an economy and job market point of view.

These could turn into issues when Government schemes subside and companies are forced to hold their workload. Currently, companies are not making the types of profits that they were making pre-pandemic, so expecting them to be able to pay their salaries might be challenging. The best way to go through and see the actual statistics about the markets are through the number of people seeking unemployment benefits throughout the UK. Between the number of people who have lost their jobs, seeking unemployment benefits and not looking to begin working anytime soon, the number is significantly high.

Companies are trying to adjust to the new normal of wearing masks, remote working, and coordinating through a video and phone call. With many employers not getting the opportunity of meeting their clients, it makes sense for them to work with people they can trust. One of the main ways that they can handle this is through thorough background checks, or going through the DBS check. These provide information about an individual to their employers when it comes to their police checks and any other information that the system might have on them. To simplify the process further, the DBS check can be applied for through the website, so people do not even have to leave their offices to go through the test and receive the results.

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