Olive oil is considered the best among all the available categories of oils. You can call olive oil the queen category. Omega 3 is the best source of oil’s fats, hence making olive oil the perfect source for these healthy fats. 

Everyone wants to be healthy and that’s possible with healthy fats like Omega-3. The numbers of benefits you get depend on the nutritional value of oil. Different kinds of olive oils offer different amounts of nutritional value.

Following Are the Types of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

No doubt, extra virgin olive oil is on the top as it is of the best quality. Extra virgin olive oil is pure and doesn’t have any additional chemicals. You will get Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a lower amount of acidity regulator just 1%.  

On the other hand, it is higher in antioxidants. In this way, you will get lots of health benefits with extra virgin olive oil more than other kinds of olive oil. It’s the major difference between the extra virgin and other types of olive oils.

Extra virgin olive oil is made from freshly picked olives. The preparation method is cold press and its greenish plus golden in color. You will get a sound aroma and a strong flavor too.

The best way to use extra virgin olive oil is in salad dressings but make sure to add it in little quantity. 

Virgin Olive Oil 

The quality of virgin olive oil is a bit lower than extra virgin. Furthermore, in virgin olive oil, the acidity level is around 2%. Instead of using it in salad dressings, it’s best to use while cooking meals. 

You can also use virgin olive oil for baking purposes and salads too. It’s not bad to use for preparing salads. On the other hand, if you want to take head or body massages then it’s also perfectly fine. 

Refined Olive Oil 

The olive oil which is usually prepared from virgin olive oil after processing is known as refined olive oil. In daily routine, numerous people use it on a large scale. Anyhow, with this olive oil, you will get a good taste along with pure aroma.  

It’s also suitable for all foods, meals, and salads. Furthermore, all kinds of olive oils are equally beneficial.

Pure Olive Oil 

Pure olive oil is simple olive oil with 2% of acidity level but its nutritional value is lower than other olive oils. So, it’s good for heavy kinds of cooking and aroma and taste are also good. 

Olive Pomace Oil 

It’s just similar to pure olive oil in taste and aroma but you will not find  much nutrition in this olive oil. The olive pomace oil is actually extracted from pomace olives but it’s a good option for cooking food.  

Light Olive Oil

Light olive oil is low in calories and good for the people who want to control their diet. It’s also the best choice for cooking food or it’s the best option for baking.