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London Transportation and Travel Guide

London is one of the best cities globally, and it attracts a lot of visitors worldwide who want to see beautiful sights.

And it also has one of the largest urban transport networks globally; you can quickly get a cab or anything else in London whenever you want.

The efficient transportation system, rich culture, and way of life of Londoners make people consider moving to London. Planning to do your big move to the Capital? Here’s a guide to the best London removals.

London Travel Guide

Getting around London might seem a little overwhelming at first, but actually, navigating the city is way easier than more of us would think, and we’re here to show you how to do it! First up is how to know the way Citymapper is every Londoner’s best friend. 

The app tells you exactly how to get from A to B around London, from which transport to use, how long it will take you, and when the next tube, train, or bus is due to leave from where you are.

London Transportation Guide

If you don’t have a contactless bank card, then Oyster Cards are by far the easiest way to get around London. Oyster Cards are accepted everywhere. They’re 50% cheaper than your usual paper tickets, and there’s a price cap so you’ll never spend more than £7 on getting around in one day. 

You can buy yours for a £5 deposit at most underground stations or get it delivered to you before you arrive in London. With the tubes, you simply tap in and out of the gates using your Oyster card on the yellow card readers. 

Please remember to do this; otherwise, you’ll be landed with a fine. Overground trains do look a little different to the tubes, but they are precisely the same, just not underground. Just tap on, tap off, and you’ll be charged accordingly. 

Other than this, just remember: Download the Tube Map app for free, so you have one with you at all times. Rush hour is between 7:30 and 9:30 am and 5 and 7 pm. Stand to the right of the escalator to get easy access. 

Check for line closures on the TFL website. Citymapper will also tell you this. Move down inside the carriage and let people off the train before you get on to avoid the crowd. 

And of course, mind the gap. London buses are easy. All you have to do is tap on, and for £1.50, you can take as many journeys as you’d like within one hour. 

Then you don’t even have to tap off. Just buzz the buzzer when your stop is next and walk straight off.

But we definitely recommend you stick to the quieter roads and parks as London’s traffic can be intense. 

Just head to the nearest docking station, pay with a debit or credit card, enter the release code, and away you go! 

If you’re around Leicester Square, Covent Garden, and Oxford Street, don’t bother going underground. 
I really hope that this article comes in useful and puts your mind at ease when it comes to London’s transportation guide. If it has, then feels free to share this article for more European travel guides.

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