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5 Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement in 2023

Social media engagement is what helps you determine if your social media efforts are bringing you the desired results or not. It also lets you understand the changes you need to make in your social media management routine for better growth. 

The algorithm on all social media platforms keeps changing from time to time. Thus, there is no stop to improving or reorganizing your ways and methods of social media engagement.

As of 2023, here are the top five ways in which you can improve your social media engagement for better.

Focus on Visuals & Video Content

Irrespective of which social media platform you are on, it is likely that video content is going to be prioritized more than textual content. Engaging visuals and videos are what keeps your audience hooked to your profile. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to visuals. Use photos, add GIFs, create original graphics and share trending meme-oriented posts, these methods will help you increase and keep your social media engagement steady. 

While posting videos make them informative and use visually enchanting aesthetics. Various applications help you create mesmerizing visual content. For instance, use Canva for templates or video layouts. There are other apps like Picsart, PixTeller, and Piktochart which assist in crafting the perfect design.

Incorporate a Call-to-Action button

A Call to Action informs your audience what to do next. For instance, if someone is reading your blog, your call-to-action button will guide that person to subscribe to your newsletter. Thus, crafting the perfect Call to Action is essential for your social media as it keeps your audience engaged with the content you produce. 

While crafting a Call to Action, don’t be overly creative and ambiguous. Try to be straightforward and offer value by your Call-to-Action button. Use first-person and create a sense of urgency to have a high-performing Call to Action. Furthermore, make it stand out by including strong visuals and make it easy to find.

Do Features

It can imply collaborating with a social media influencer or asking your fans to repost your content for a shoutout. It is one of the most effective ways to improve engagement on social media. Features form a faithful relationship between you and your fans. It also diversifies your content’s reach without subscribing to social media management tools. When you feature your fans, you turn them into your advocates. 

They promote and share your content more. Similarly, when you collaborate with a brand, business, creator, or influencer, you channel their follower base to your profile. It is a potential way to increase your followers. However, do either remember to share and produce user-generated content. User-generated content provides variety and reflects that you care for your audience’s choices and wants.

Going Live

The Live feature on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are not just for show. These social media platforms have put up a genuine social media engagement tool at your disposal. And, it would be a shame to not properly utilize it. Through the “Live” option you can engage with your fans on a real-time basis. 

You can celebrate a milestone by announcing a giveaway on Live or you can launch a product/service depending on the type of account you hold. Live streaming endorses the hard work you put behind your content and lets your fans get a peek into your life. However, before you go live, do give your followers a heads up to attract the majority. Going live after 7 pm or post-work-hours is one way when you can get the maximum number of views on your streaming.


As easily one can put it, it is crucial to optimize the resources you have at hand. Every social media platform has a plethora of features starting from story updates to putting up sponsored ads. The accounts that make the most of it are the ones that succeed. 

So, go through the features present on your social media platform and leverage them in your favor. Use hashtags to make your content more discoverable, host giveaways and contests to create a sense of virality, and update stories in a timely fashion to your presence. Post at the right time and post using warm and aesthetic filters.

By the end of the day, make sure to evaluate your progress based on your social media tactics. As important as it is to move forward, it is also important to know the right path. If a particular tactic is not working in your favor, move on to another one. The key rule to social media is to always keep growing to achieve the ultimate growth in terms of reach and engagement.

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