In today’s era of technology, watches that were only utilized to check the time, today can carry out some of the other important activities and are also famous as smartwatches now.

Smartwatches, when compared to Smartphones of today, haven’t grown much. However, smartwatches have experienced several significant developments, when paid careful attention with, the convenience of assessing smart-phone alarms with no requirement to pull your phone from one’s own pocket, assessing account via GPS, paying your grocery bill with merely a tide, place reminders, accept or reject calls, and play/ pause or change your own music, keeping track of one’s sleeping and physical fitness sessions, etc., All this is possible with merely a sheet of technology wrapped around your wrist paired together with your smartphone with an easy Bluetooth connection. On the other hand, if you’re planning to get your next timepiece and you already have a specific brand on your mind, then check out the SpotTheWatch reviews and guides. They are a team of watch-wearers, researchers, and writers who are bound to review different watches for the sake of the buyers

Lenovo Ego Smartwatch

Get a step ahead in your busy lifestyle with this specific smart-watch of Lenovo. With 5 ATM waterproof Performance, you can take a dip in your swimming pool with no worries. As a result of built-in detectors and also the real-time sleep observation feature, you can get an in-depth analysis of your everyday pursuits. If you are looking under the budget of 2000 then you can have a look at Best Smartwatches under 2000

Lenovo Ego Smartwatch

You can press on the”Lighting” button to check the data, even if it’s dark.

With in-built detectors and real-time detection of activities throughout your workout, you can get your key stats for your everyday pursuits.

It sports a traditional e-mail display that absorbs less power. It provides an accurate investigation and alarms you when you obtain messages.

It sports an approximate 42-mm display and weighs only 4-5 gms. 

Noise Colorfit Pro 

Noise Colorfit Pro is one of the Best Smartwatches under 3000 for android. Together with features like the BOSCH BMA21 chip-set and built-in HRS3300 heart rate Sensor, the workout freaks can continue to keep a check on their physical fitness stats, like the number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burned as well as your pulse rate. Swim with this particular fitness group since it is accompanied by an IP68 rating.

se Colorfit Pro

With a single touch, you can readily access your physical fitness stats and upgrade with this screen. The 2.5D arc glass and the metallic weathered layout create the fitness center ring very lasting. 

You can match this workout group with your apparel since the straps can readily be assembled and disassembled, which makes it effortless to improve your appearance whenever you desire. You can take a dip in the pool with this particular fitness band on since it’s watertight to a thickness of 1.5 m to get up to half an hour.

You can alter the look of the watch in accordance with your taste. You can select an image on the phone and put it as the watch’s head working with the program. This feature provides you accurate updates regarding the number of steps that you’ve walked and total distance covered together with the calories you have burned.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is equally important as working out for a healthy lifestyle. This watch will help you track your sleeping quality, the duration you’ve slept, and a whole lot more.

This even keeps a tab on your own heart health that if your home is upgraded in the status of one’s heart. This monitors your heartbeat that your workout is within the physiological bounds. This workout group is able to keep a tab on the air level in your bloodstream, thereby providing you with the accurate signs which reveal your general health and fitness status.

This feature offers you accurate and in-depth statistics such as the number of steps taken, the distance you’ve covered and the calories you’ve burnt. Additionally, it keeps a check on your heart rate while you’re walking, biking, running and playing games like badminton, football, and basketball.

As a result of Bluetooth (BT 4.1) connectivity, it is possible to quickly sync this group with your Android and i-OS devices. With the Da Combination program, you can examine your physical fitness stats on your smartphone.

This workout band vibrates for the requirements, push messages and notifications. You could even get hold of your smartphone music player and camera.

There is no need to wait for the meetings and workouts as it enables you to set reminders and alarms. Additionally, employing the Da Fit program, it’s possible to readily locate your band in case it gets lost.


  • Continuous Heart Rate,Oxygen level, and Sleep Monitor
  • Up to 7 days Battery
  • Multi-Sports Mode
  • Android & IoS Compatible
  • Swim proof up to 1.5 m for 30 minutes
  • Single touch panel
  • Fitness & Outdoor

Gizmore GizFit 902 Smartwatch  

Gizmore GizFit 902 Smartwatch

Reach your fitness goals in style by having the Gizmore GizFit 902 smart-watch. This smart-watch not merely monitors your everyday physical fitness activities, in addition, it alerts you once you receive calls, SMS, along with societal networking alarms. 

This helps you achieve your exercise goal since it educates and motivates one to remain active.

The silicone strap with dotted layout looks exceptional and is a great switch from the dull and plain silicone straps on additional smart-watches.

The curved dial contributes to the charm with the differently fashionable funding smart-watch. 


Although the list is endless, a few players are earnestly diving into the funding smart-watch segment and forcing adequate apparatus to overtake the masses. This recent shift has made an increasing number of people spend money on the item, consequently bringing the eye of their top brands.

You have to make certain efforts to discover the best smart-watch that satisfies your budget and requirement since we’ve inspected most of the brands available. We’ve tried to focus on various requirements here so that you don’t have to conduct extensive research.