There are times that we’ll need help. You might have been involved in a little altercation that resulted in violence. You’re then arrested and charged with assault. When you find yourself in such a predicament, it is essential that you’re getting professional help as soon as possible. It is not only the attorney that you should be worried about but also the bail bonds agency that is going to secure your release. There are some traits that you need to look for when searching for a bail bondsman and we’re going to highlight some of them.


Reputation is everything in the bail bonds industry. If a company isn’t reputable, it will be hard to work with them. The bail bond agency needs to be trusted as they could be having a lien on your personal assets because of the bail amount.  Make sure that you’re taking your time with the research process as you’d not want to work with a company that has a shady reputation.


Experience is non-negotiable when searching for a bail bonds agency. For someone to be able to secure your release in the shortest time possible, it means that they’re aware of the due processes to be followed. They’ve also dealt with similar cases in the past, and it won’t be a challenge for the company to get you out of jail. You can know if the bondsman is experienced by looking at the number of years that they’ve been operational. If you’re trying to secure the release on behalf of a friend or a loved one, you can go ahead and call the references that have been provided.


The bail bonds company should be available round the clock as you can never really know when one will be arrested. You don’t want to wait for official office hours for the bail to be posted when you can do it sooner. The majority of such companies will offer 24/7 support given the nature of service that they provide. You can also reach out to them in case you’d want to ask questions about the procedure of posting bail.

Customer Support

Since you’ll not be looking for a bail bonds company because of a good thing, it is crucial that the customer staff is friendly and is willing to answer all the questions that you might be having. Ideally, there should be someone on the phone during the day or night to answer your questions. Their website should also be updated with all the necessary information so that you know what exactly you’re getting yourself into when you decide to work with the bail bonds company.

The Listen

When you’ve been arrested because of an assault or any other charge, you’d want to get someone that listens to you. They’ll be concerned about the whole situation, and their sole goal will be to get you out of jail as soon as possible once you’ve gotten in touch with the bail bondsman. You should not be just another client on paper. If your gut feeling says otherwise about working with the agency, you should be researching for alternatives as things might not end up well.

Financial Capability

The agency will bail you out of jail with other people’s money. They’ll be having financial backing that makes it possible to handle multiple clients even if you’ll be paying 10% of the bail amount. A company that doesn’t have a sound financial backing might find it hard to stay afloat. You could even stay in jail longer than you should because the bondsman doesn’t have the financial capability to secure your release on time.

If you’ve thought about starting your own bail bonds agency, there will be a couple of considerations to have in mind. For starters, you’ll have to work with the legal system. This isn’t necessarily the most natural thing that one can do. You also need to have investors or a capital source in case you’re starting from scratch. You’ll also be financially liable if the client fails to appear in court. That doesn’t happen often, but you’ll need to be prepared just in case it happens.


It will not be a good idea to post bail on your own even if you have the financial muscle to do so. This is because it will take a lot of paperwork and time before you can get back the amount you’ve paid. It is a lot easier and more convenient to look for a bail bonds agent.