7 Degree Options That Allow You to Bring Social Change

Innate desires to make this world a better place often push us to seek ways to help people and bring significant change to society. For the betterment of the present and the future, we should encourage such people and help them pursue their passion as much as we can. Undoubtedly, the younger generation of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Anything that can nurture their need to change and guide them to accomplish it should be encouraged.

When we consider education and career opportunities, some people may want to pursue a high-earning profession. But most of the students are passionate about various causes. The passion may be to express their creativity, innovate, or help society and bring about change. Here we have a list of degree options that will allow you to bring social change.

1. Degree In Political Sciences

No country in the world is unaffected by politics. May it be a first-world nation or a tribe deep in the jungles. Politics always plays an essential role in shaping our society. Politicians and public administrators represent the communities and their nations in front of the world. They play an integral role in the policymaking process of a country. These policies impact every aspect of the social life of the general population. So it is safe to say that political sciences stand at the top of degrees that can help make a social change. A career after a political sciences degree makes you eligible enough to propose a shift in society.

2. Degree In Social Work

Pursuing academics in social work allows you to work in the public service sphere and assist people in different matters. Social workers aim to alleviate people’s suffering by making their lives better in many ways. They fight for people’s rights, do community work, and much more. The MSW online no GRE degree enables you to pursue positions such as policy analyst, child and family counselor, victim counselor, medical health worker, etc.

3. Degree In Psychology And Counseling

Suffering, pain, mental trauma are a part of life. But it’s normalcy doesn’t make the matter any less grave. People who go through trauma, experience loss, or are abused need psychological help. Psychologists and counselors play an essential role by guiding such people and helping them heal. This service is critical because a nation is as strong as its public. And the general population can only become healthy and productive citizens of society when they are mentally healthy. So we need psychologists, therapists, and counselors to help people by addressing mental health issues. It helps in making a significant change in society.

4. Degree In Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of human beings, their behavior, nature, habits, and existence concerning society. So a sociologist studies gender politics, race politics, classicism, and other societal issues. It is safe to say that such extensive studies enable them to influence the government’s policy and law-making aspects. They take part in social welfare, among many other things, and propose theories to maximize societal productivity and change.

5. Degree In Education

People who pursue a degree in education get various opportunities to shape the young generations. Like we said before, the young generation of our present age are leaders of the future. So shaping their minds and turning them into enlightened, productive, and law-abiding citizens are the most significant social contribution a person can make.

Educators influence the personalities, thought processes, and emotions of their students. While the responsibility is great, the prospect of helping society by educating the youngsters is the most significant opportunity you can get. Regardless of if you are a teacher, an administrator, or a principal, you will find opportunities to help students.

6. Degree In Communication

There is no doubt that hardly any other mode of communication holds as much power as mass media. Throughout history, we have seen how communication plays the make or break role for any cause. So if you want to bring change, you must learn to use the power of communication to serve your purpose. If you aim to change society, you have to start by changing the general population’s thinking and habits. To do this, you have to spread your message to people through different means of communication. So if you want to bring change to society and help people, a degree in communication can accelerate the process for you.

7. Degree In Criminology

The criminal justice system ensures that people follow the state’s rules and regulations and maintain peace and tranquility. If people fail to follow these regulations and laws, the state may punish them accordingly. While the system seems straightforward, there are still many flaws in it. There are classist, racial, and gender discriminatory elements that affect this system. You can learn about these shortcomings by studying criminology. If you are interested in getting into law enforcement, you will find that this degree is also one step in satisfying the homicide detective requirements. Ultimately criminology will give you the resources to bring change to society’s justice system, which will, in turn, affect the community in general.


Apart from the list of degrees, many other education options can lead you towards careers that can serve your passion for change. But bear in mind that change starts from within. Studying these degrees will show you how you have to first initiate by changing yourself. It will teach you how you can evolve your ways of thinking. Then these degrees will help you discover ways to bring change to society. But every change comes with opposition. As long as you are on the right path, fighting for the right cause, the opponent cannot deter you from your path.

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