A nation feels really proud to declare that they have done exceptionally well economically. The structure of the nation is such that once the finance of the economy is fine, then you will automatically know that the countrymen have a better living. 

When people have money in their hands, they can afford a better lifestyle, and it has been seen that the countries that have accepted cryptocurrency have shown real good improvement in the economy. 

Top 5 Countries Leading the Crypto Revolution 

There are, of course, more than ten countries who are leading the crypto revolution, but here we will show you the top 5 countries. The states have been listed below who also use infinity trader, which you can follow to improve your finance.  

1. Estonia 

Estonia is a Baltic nation, and as we all know that Estonia has a record of accepting the new technology very quickly. The government of Estonia is much advanced, and they always accepted the recent technology overwhelmingly. The government of Estonia has been very willing to take up innovations, and they are looking forward to accepting the blockchain technology for the health care facility of the nation. The developed country is trying to make e-residents by making everything based on blockchain and crypto facilities. 

2. The USA 

Every child probably knows that the USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, and as expected, it has to take some stand on the use of cryptocurrency. The US holds on to the largest number of cryptocurrencies in the world. They also have the highest number of cryptocurrency users in their nation, and the government has happily accepted the fact. Although the American government wants the citizens to pay their tax, they will not look into their assets. They have left it to the citizens to decide how many assets they have and then calculate the tax accordingly and pay. 

3. Denmark 

Denmark is one of the most developed countries in the world that provides a high-class living. Currently, Denmark is all set and ready to push off the traditional currency and accept digital currency from all walks of life. Hence the whole of Denmark is all set to accept bitcoin as a national currency as soon as possible. Denmark is already a shelter to a number of Bitcoin Startups, and they are not surprisingly doing exceptionally well. 

4. Sweden 

Sweden and Denmark almost always go hand in hand. Likewise, Sweden is now on the forefront, trying to face the struggle and badly wants to make cryptocurrency streamlined. Sweden is one of those countries that accept bitcoin or cryptocurrency very willingly and wants it to be more legalized. The citizens have been using cryptocurrencies, and the government knows very well about it, but they have not tried to stop them from doing anything of that sort. 

5. Canada 

You would be relieved and happy to see Canada on the list, I am sure. Most of the Bitcoin startups and the Bitcoin ATMs have been set up in Canada. It is already one of the most bitcoin-friendly countries in the world. It is right now too accepting about the use of bitcoins majorly in the country. This country has two states, namely Toronto and Vancouver, to make a bitcoin hub, one is on the easter part, and the other on the western region. 


If you take an overview, then you will find that the countries which I have mentioned above are actually the countries that are doing exceptionally well. If you think that you are running behind and you can not earn enough money just by working, then you can start trading bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies always keep your options to do passive income. Once you are aware of the method, you will make a lot of profit.