Someone wise said, the only constant thing in the world is change, and the cosmos around us reaffirms the saying every day. The modern world is vastly different from what it was a few years ago, as the contemporary world practices are more advanced. The year 2020 had been tumultuous as the COVID-19 engulfed the world and brought it to a sudden halt. Most governments have recently lifted the intense lockdowns, and life seems to get back to normal, albeit with a new set of rules. 

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the employment sector hard and brought forward many changes. Some of the most lucrative careers became redundant. Simultaneously, several regular jobs now have earned the label for being essential services. People are being conscious while deciding about their future and are feeling confused with their options. The following are some of the career choices for the year 2023:

1. Social Work

Many people want to make a career in a field that allows them to make a positive difference in the community while earning a handsome salary. Social work is a perfect career path for them as it will enable people to elevate other people’s life quality. Social work is a dynamic profession, and social workers gain enriching experiences as they deal with people from all walks of life. Today, social work has expanded, and several subfields come under its umbrella. Contrary to a popular idea, social workers, besides working with NGOs, also serve in various settings. Staying home-bound during most of 2020, people have learned ways of carrying regular tasks without stepping out. E-learning is booming, and several institutes are offering online certification courses. People can do their research and enroll in one of CSWE accredited online MSW programs to gain an insight into social work and learn vital skills for the field. According to BLS, social workers will be high in demand by 16%, making 109,700 other jobs open for social workers.

2. Data Analysts

Data is one word that has created a buzz in the technological arena for quite some time now. Data analysts use their skills to gather, organize and evaluate data and help organizations enhance their functioning. Companies realize the power of data and are getting analysts on-board to improve their decision-making and insight from a broader perspective. The profession of data analysis is gaining immense momentum as data analysts have become an integral aspect of modern-day companies. Data analysts use mathematical competence and a logical approach to process and perform massive datasets. 

3. Human Resource Professionals

The HR professionals focus on policy and systems, manage employee benefits, and look after other organizational functions. It has become a crucial aspect of organizations, as it plays a vital role in a company’s success. Companies are on the lookout for professionals who possess excellent management and communication skills and understate HR departments’ processes. 

4. Graphic Designers

One of the critical professions in 2023 is graphic designing. Companies are adopting digital marketing and want to hire people who can turn innovative concepts into reality. Creativity paves the way for new things to emerge, and graphic designers can be creative with their approaches and bring forward new ways of developing layouts. Technological advancements have provided graphic designers with advanced tools and allow them to use these latest widgets to create unique designs. 

5. Nurse Practitioners

The world is still experiencing a significant healthcare crisis, and the COVID-19 cases continue to evolve the situation. Nursing practitioners profoundly take action in the doctors’ absence to provide patients with acute care. Their advanced clinical training allows them to run diagnostic tests and prescribe treatments. The healthcare sector is different from other industries, and there is no particular season for it. In 2023, NPs can quickly get a job after completion of their degree.

6. IT professionals

Experts have forecasted that the world will see much more technological progression, and tech-savvy people will get an edge over others. Technology has reformed our daily practices and changes the way people communicate, commute, and do business. IT professionals help maintain the network of computer systems within organizations and ensure seamless information flow. Technological advancements keep on giving new dimensions to the old technical practices and bring forward new technical devices. IT professionals are already high in demand, and as per experts’ predictions, their demand will further increase in the future.  


Choosing a career is a milestone in life. In the modern world, most people understand the significance of selecting a profession. Trends often change, and some jobs become the most sought after and attract a vast majority during a specific period. Whereas some occupations lose their significance, and their professionals struggle in finding a job. After spending the unprecedented year 2020, people have become conscious while forecasting anything for 2023. They are weighing pros and cons and trying to zero down a career path after much consideration.