Quality storage is extremely important if you want to keep your bitcoins safe and secure. With thousands of exchanges offering bitcoin wallets with the best characteristics and features, choosing the best bitcoin wallet can be a challenging task. 

In this article, we have come up with a list of the best bitcoin wallets for you. So go through the list and choose a wallet to keep your crypto secured. 


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency agency and not a personal wallet. But, it offers wallet services as well to the users. Coinbase offers users an easy way to buy, sell, and transact in cryptocurrencies. If you stay in the USA, you can easily connect a US bank account with a Coinbase account to transfer dollars in and out of your Coinbase account. You can even use the Coinbase account with your mobile wallet. The bitcoin wallet offered by Coinbase offers maximum benefits to beginners as it is easy and affordable to use.


If you are looking for the best hardware wallet, no other option can seem to be as good as Trezor. Trezor offers a device that can store Bitcoins in an offline mode. It can be easily plugged into your computer or your smartphone. The device also comes up with a small screen that can provide you information about the status of bitcoin present in your wallet. Trezor offers safe and secure devices. Thus, you don’t have to worry about security issues if you are using a bitcoin wallet by Trezor.


Ledger offers two different types of Bitcoin wallet that are known by the name Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S. These are the hardware wallets that can help you keep your bitcoins safe and secure in an offline mode. The device is available in the size of a flash drive. Thus, it is easy to use as well as easy to store. Offline wallets offered by Ledger is said to be the safest option for offline storage of your bitcoins. In addition to Bitcoins, Ledger wallets also support different cryptocurrencies.


This is a beginner-friendly bitcoin wallet. Sofi is a financial company that also offers bitcoin transactions to users. SoFi platform supports six different types of cryptocurrencies. The platform offers the best User experience and it is the best platform if you have just started making transactions and investments in Bitcoins. Advanced users may find the platform to be a bit limiting, but it’s a great choice for people who are completely new to the world of Bitcoin.

Robin Hood

Just like its name, Robinhood is truly a hero when it comes to Bitcoin purchases and sales. Robinhood is a bitcoin exchange and it also offers Bitcoin wallets to users. This is a mobile-first wallet. This means all mobile users who want to keep their bitcoins safe and secure can use this platform for maximum ease. Even Though Robinhood is a mobile-first wallet, a desktop version of the platform is also available that can be easily used by users.


If you want to keep your Bitcoins safe in a mobile wallet, your choice should be Mycelium. This is one of the most popular Mobile wallets for Android and iOS devices. As per the Mycelium website, this platform is built for people, who know nothing about Bitcoins or bitcoin wallets. But this platform also offers the best features for pro-crypto users. 

You will also get a secure online account that you can easily work with a hardware wallet. 

You can do anything you want if you are using the Mycelium wallet to store bitcoins. For more updates get started from here. The biggest advantage of the Mycelium wallet is that it can work in an offline wallet. Thus, it provides maximum safety as well as convenience to users.


For people who want to keep Bitcoins on a desktop device, nothing can be better than using the Exodus platform for storage. The Exodus is a simple software that you can easily keep on your computer, laptop, or desktop. The best part about using exodus is that you don’t have to pay any transaction cost.

With all these choices available, which one of these wallets do you think is the best? Choose any of these wallets to keep your bitcoins safe and secure.