Who doesn’t like to watch movies? Cinema APK has been a great android app that Android users have been using for a long time but due to some of the problems like buffering; subtitles are unavailable and people have started searching for its better alternatives.

Here we have shortlisted the top 5 alternatives you can use instead of cinema APK.

Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV will provide you with the best high quality streaming links. One better thing about it is the extended content library where you could get a lot of movies and even it is up-to-date.

Because of the easy to use interface it provides, you will experience the same as using the cinema APK. You can easily operate this on mobile, fire stick devices, amazon kindle, smart android TV.

Catmouse APK

It is among the best cinema APK alternatives because it provides you a good amount of movies and TV shows and lots of other things. Catmouse is always up-to-date providing the newest content you want.

One of the best things about this is the speed it gives you so that you don’t have to struggle with the long buffering process plus its library has huge content. It can be operated on mobiles, Firestick, amazon kindle, and android TV box. Even, CatMouse APK is rated as one of the best apps for streaming movies and shows on Firestick. Check a list of top-rated apps here.

Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix interface is much similar to that of cinema HD and has a huge compilation of HD content. Its interface design is made in such a way that you can easily operate it and can stream for hours. 

One of the best which other APK may not provide you is the multiple languages subtitle it provides you with plus the home page is well-organized. You can easily navigate along different devices using it. It works on mobiles, Firestick, amazon kindle, and android TV box.

Bee TV

Beetv has an extensive compilation of the latest movies and TV shows. This can be a great option for anime lovers as it has a category, especially for anime. It also gives you the feature of build-in subtitles so that you get stuck with the language problem. 

Its streams are all from trusted sources which are HD. you can pair it with Debrid to get even better streaming. Its supported devices are mobiles, Firestick, amazon kindle, and android TV box.


It is one of the best apps and is most reliable. It gives you access to a huge compilation of TV shows, movies, live TV, sports and many other things. One thing which makes Kodi update stand out in the crowd is that it is not dependent on just one app developer and so is an open-source stage.

 It has a huge compilation of add-ons so if one fails to operate you have other add-ons to use. It works on mobiles, Firestick, amazon kindle, and android TV box.

Bottom line

These were the best cinema APK that you can find on the net. These have features like huge content and are easy to use.