SEO stands for search engine optimization, a great digital marketing technique used by every individual who wishes to increase their company’s value over the internet. There are several steps taken to see visible progress over time. To ensure the techniques you use to gain success and take you in the right direction, there are tools available that you can use. 

What are SEO Tools, and Why are They Used?

Best SEO tools provide information and data of the experience of the users as well as how your page is doing individually on search engines. They provide insight on the active part of your content or page and allow you to edit and enhance the domains that aren’t attracting enough people. 

These tools tell you about the drawbacks and identify weaknesses that can hinder your progress path. In addition, SEO tools can help you with multiple aspects like keywords, analytics, site spread, rank checking, etc.

Tools Widely Used to Check the Efficiency of SEO Strategy –

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most used SEO tools to help you enhance your page and increase traffic. This tool gives you a detailed report of how your page is doing on the internet. In addition, it provides information regarding the traffic your page receives. 

Apart from keeping track of the traffic your page gets, it also provides information regarding the users’ experience that visits your site. This includes their interests, geographical location, duration of time spent, and the bounce rate for each page. 


Ahrefs is an essential tool when it comes to keywords. This tool provides detailed information on the ranking and density of keywords. In addition, it allows you to check which keywords of your page get the highest click every month and which needs to be replaced since it’s dead. Ahrefs is considered to be one of the best SEO tools due to its various features.

They also allow you to check every keyword competition on the internet by showing how many pages use that exact word. This can help you choose a word with less competition so that your ranking gets pushed up when that word is searched for. 


This tool allows you to check how well your page is doing in terms of traffic, paid search traffic, organic keywords, backlinks, number of clicks, etc. It is essential to do a frequent check on these topics as you should know whether all of your best SEO strategies are working or not. 

By having a constant look at matters like keywords, you can work towards choosing other keywords that would be more efficient for your company. 

Moz Pro SEO software

Moz Pro SEO software is a vital tool as it changes regularly with the frequently upgrading algorithm of Google. Google’s search algorithm depends on 200 factors for ranking the websites on its page. This helps you in making frequent changes to your page to suit the new algorithm and gain more traffic. 

This tool also provides excellent suggestions on how you can make your site better by using beneficial keywords and other marketing tips. These suggestions are very helpful for getting a higher reach in the market. They also let you compare your site’s traffic with that of your competitors to understand all measures to take to overshadow them. 


The tools mentioned above help enhance the SEO in Perth of your page as it guides you to move in the correct direction and suggests you make necessary changes for the development and growth of your site.