To start a home-based printing business, you will need various tools such as printers, various types of paper, and graphic design software. Starting any business requires monetary investment and you would need to ensure that you have the capital to invest in the fundamental tools required to start a printing business

Here are some of the most important tools that you will need to start your home-based printing business. 


The most obvious and vital piece of equipment you will need to start your home-based printing business is a printer. You will certainly need several printers for different types of printing however, to start you should definitely consider investing in a standard laserjet printer and a high-quality all-in-one printer. For maps, large-scale design plans, and news publications, you will need to invest in 11×17 printers also known as ledger printers or wide format printers. They are often used to print design plans, maps, and standard-sized newspapers. You would also need to stock up on all types of ink for your printers. 


High-quality laminators are also essential for your home-based printing business because some clients will require lamination especially for certificates and school and office supplies. Buying a laminator is an extra investment however, by adding a lamination service, you can diversify your services to increase revenue. 

Professional-grade Cutting Device 

A professional-grade cutting device is necessary for your business, you will need one that offers high-level precision cutting to cut laminated paper, construction card and paper, and various other types of paper. You want a cutting device that can cut smooth, clean lines to provide your customers with the best quality finish. 


You need a high-speed device with a powerful CPU and graphics processing unit. You also need ample onboard RAM to ensure that all work undertaken goes smoothly and quickly. 

Graphic Design Software 

Graphic design software is crucial, often customers will send you visual content that needs to be edited before you can print it in the correct format. To print high-quality visuals, you need graphic design software such as Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. Some clients will provide you with formatted files however, you might have to modify some files to meet the quality standards for printing. 


Investing in some high-quality paper is a must, invest in printing paper, high-quality glossy paper, and various other types of paper in different sizes and colors to cater to all your customer’s needs. 

Optional Tools 

Embossing Machine 

If you want to create bolt-on services, consider investing in an embossing machine. You might not need it straight away but it will certainly come in handy when customers request different designs for greeting cards or certificates. An embossing service will certainly add value to your business. 

Embroidery Printer 

Printing on paper is one thing but embroidery for t-shirts, caps, aprons and other merchandise could add a whole new dimension to your business. 

Heat Transfer Printer for Mugs and Other Merchandise 

A heat transfer printer is another optional tool that could take your business to the next level. Choose a high-quality heat transfer printing machine to print designs on mugs, t-shirts, bags, and packaging. 
A home-based printing business could be highly profitable if you do it right. Start small by purchasing the basics such as a printer, cutting machine, and computer. You can expand the business by adding laminating services and embroidery to your list of printing services.