Fantasy Cricket is extremely popular among cricket lovers, and Dream11 is the perfect go-to site for fantasy sports. Dream11 is one of the best fantasy sports platforms in India. On this platform, you get to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, baseball, and basketball. The platform was co-founded in the year 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth, and later in 2012, it was introduced to people.

If you are a Dream11 player or you are planning to start playing fantasy cricket on Dream11, here we have the best tips and tricks for Dream11 fantasy cricket matches. Here you will find Fantasy Cricket tips and tricks that will help you win matches and earn maximum.

1. Play Small leagues 

Participating in small leagues is going to increase your chance of winning because there is low competition. If you play a grand, then you will find out that there are thousands or lakhs participants, which narrows your chance of winning.

If you keep using your money to play in the grand league and you keep losing in the end, it will soon get frustrating for you. There is less chance of winning. It’s better to take it slow, therefore, play small leagues, win and earn money. Then use the money you have earned to play grand leagues.

2. Wicketkeeper Makes the best Captain

On Dream11 platform, you will find neck-to-neck competition, just like cricket matches. The best choice is to select a Wicketkeeper as the captain. Most wicket keepers are good batsmen, and if your wicketkeeper performs well in the match, then you will score double points compared to that of your opponent. Therefore your chance of winning increases.

The Wicketkeeper Captain you will choose has the better chances of making you win the match. The best captain is an all-rounder. If you have an all-rounder, then that player will make the best captain. But the best alternative to an all-rounder is a Wicketkeeper Batsman.

3. Winning Toss is a Plus

Toss is always given much importance in cricket because the winning team gets to choose whether they are going to bat or ball first. Toss holds equal significance in Dream11, especially if the match is played between unmatched teams when it comes to strength. 

You must focus on winning the toss and then bat first because when you do so, you can give your opponent a good target to chase. If you lose, you will end up chasing a difficult target, which won’t be easy.

Since the power to choose goes to the team who wins the toss, you need to win the toss as you can turn the odds to your favor just by winning the toss. By winning the toss, you will get a heads up for a good start.

4. Do Team Modifications After TOSS

On the Dream11 platform, you get to do team modifications after the toss is done. It is like a golden chance for you to create your winning Dream team. The toss takes place 30 mins before the match start time. Therefore if you have any changes to make or replace any player, you can do that after the toss is done.

You will get a good 30 minutes to modify your team before the match starts. Predict the chances and the best players for your Dream team. In this time, you can refer to applications that will help you predict like F11, which gives you tips regarding Fantasy Cricket, Dream11 Prediction, Tips, And Pro Kabaddi League. These applications will help you to select the players and make informed decisions. 

5. Understand Dream11 Cricket Points System 

While playing cricket matches on Dream11, one of the most important things is to understand the point system for fantasy cricket. Here we have the Dream11 Cricket Points System that you must keep in mind while playing fantasy cricket matches.

Type of PointsT20ODITestT10Other T20Other OD
Being a part of the starting XI4444NANA
Every run scored111111
Every wicket taken (excluding run out)252516252525
Catch taken888888
Stumping/ Run Out (direct)121212121212
Run Out (Thrower/Catcher)8/48/48/48/48/48/4
Dismissal for a Duck (only for batsmen, wicket-keepers and all-rounders)-2-3-4-2-2-3

Bonus Points

Type of PointsT20ODITestT10Other T20Other OD
Every boundary hit111111
Every six-hit222222
Half-Century (50 runs scored by a batsman in a single inning)844NA84
Century (100 runs scored by a batsman in a single inning)1688NA168
Maiden Over84NA1684
4 wickets844NA84
5 wickets1688NA168
2 wicketsNANANA8NANA
3 wicketsNANANA16NANA
30 runs scored by a batsman in a single inningsNANANA8NANA
50 runs scored by a batsman in a single inningsNANANA16NANA

Economy Rate

Type of PointsT20ODITestT10Other T20Other OD
Minimum overs bowled by a player to be applicable2 overs5 oversNA1 over2 overs5 overs
Between 6 and 5 runs per over2 NANA2NA
Between 4.99 and 4 runs per over4 NANA4NA
Below 4 runs per over6 NANA6NA
Between 9 and 10 runs per over-2 NANA-2NA
Between 10.01 and 11 runs per over-4 NANA-4NA
Above 11 runs per over-6 NANA-6NA
Between 4.5 and 3.5 runs per over 2NANANA2
Between 3.49 and 2.5 runs per over 4NANANA4
Below 2.5 runs per over 6NANANA6
Between 7 and 8 runs per over -2NANANA-2
Between 8.01 and 9 runs per over -4NANANA-4
Above 9 runs per over -6NANANA-6
Below 6 runs per overNANANA6NANA
Between 6 and 6.99 runs per overNANANA4NANA
Between 7 and 8 runs per overNANANA2NANA
Between 11 and 12 runs per overNANANA-2NANA
Between 12.01 and 13 runs per overNANANA-4NANA
Above 13 runs per overNANANA-6NANA

Strike Rate

Type of PointsT20ODITestT10Other T20Other OD
Minimum balls faced by a player to be applicable10 balls20 ballsNA5 balls10 balls20 balls
Between 60 and 70 runs per 100 balls-2 NANA-2NA
Between 50 and 59.99 runs per 100 balls-4 NANA-4NA
Below 50 runs per 100 balls-6 NANA-6NA
Between 50 and 60 runs per 100 balls -2NANANA-2
Between 40 and 49.99 runs per 100 balls -4NANANA-4
Below 40 runs per 100 balls -6NANANA-6
Between 90 and 100 runs per 100 ballsNANANA-2NANA
Between 80 and 89.99 runs per 100 ballsNANANA-4NANA
Below 80 runs per 100 ballsNANANA-6NANA

6. Captain and Vice-Captain Selection

Selecting Captain and Vice-Captain is a crucial decision while playing Dream11 cricket matches. While choosing a captain or vice-captain, you have to be very careful. As the player you decide to become, the captain will score 2x points, and the vice-captain you choose will get 1.5 x points.

This means that if the player chosen as captain scores 20 points, it will be counted as 40. And if the vice-captain scores 10 points, it will be counted as 30. Therefore choosing the captain and vice-captain for your team is a big decision that will affect your gameplay.

7. Dream11 Referral 

On Dream11, you can refer your friends and earn a bonus. This fantasy gaming site helps you refer to your friend and invite them to the platform. You can earn a bonus for inviting your friend to Dream11.

You will get a Rs 100 referral bonus for each friend you invite. Also, every time your friend joins a cash contest, you will get a cash bonus. You can use this bonus to play fantasy cricket matches on Dream11. 

Just by sharing your referral code and inviting your friend, you can win contests and earn some extra cash by playing your favorite sport. 

8. Invest Money Wisely

Investing money to play fantasy cricket cash games is a big decision. It is your decision on how you want to invest money on Dream11, but we suggest you go for an equal investment. Invest an equal amount of money in every match rather than spending all your money in one game. 

Fantasy cricket sports is a game of chances, and if you invest all your money in one match, you may end up losing it all in one go. It is better to divide the money and use it to play more cash games. You must not spend a lot of money in one match as it can become disadvantageous for you. 

Suppose you have one thousand rupees in your Dream11 account. Then rather than using it all to play a cash game. Invest Rs 249 in 4 matches. Once you do so, you will have more chances of winning and earning money.

So these are a bunch of important things that you must keep in mind before you start playing cash games on Dream11. You can earn good money by playing fantasy cricket on Dream11 only if you have done your study and have these tricks up your sleeves.

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