Soundbar Troubleshooting Tips for Beginners

| Updated on February 28, 2024

Soundbars are meant to make people’s TV-Watching & Music listening experience one of the best possible ones. Well, as they say, necessity is the mother of inventions; the concept of soundbars was invented due to one of such necessity too. 

Yeah, as sizes of TVs were getting smaller, room for accommodating internal speakers reduced to a massive number, and to cope up with the issues top brands designed soundbars as a solution to the problem of quality-less sound.

However, sometimes, these soundbars get peaky & start troubling their users with weird issues. Yeah, problems arise but there are solutions to resolve all these problems unless it’s not a malfunctioning issue.

Today, in this article, we’ll explain some of our best tips to troubleshoot your soundbar when you face any issues.

So, let’s begin now!

1. Don’t Focus on Problem; Focus on Root Cause

Mostly, cheap soundbars cause the most trouble, and that’s why we suggest our readers go for a good soundbar that costs an optimal amount, as a thumb of rule a soundbar between 100 to 200 dollars is considered a good fit. Anything below $100 is cheap and it’ll cause a lot of issues from the technical end. So, buy one of the best soundbars under $200 budget at least.

Now, you’ve reduced the chances of facing any issues, however, in case you face any issue, then you should focus on the root cause that caused your soundbar to act inappropriately, instead of focusing on the issue.

2. Check If HDMI Setup is Done Properly or Not?

The next thing, which is a common issue is, incorrectly settled HDMI cable. Yeah, most of the time you’ll find your soundbar not working properly just because of this issue. Basically, you need to connect your soundbar with your gaming console or TV with help of the HDMI cable provided in the box. And, you need to mount it in port properly so that it doesn’t cause any issue.

3. Enabling CEC on Your TV Set

Sometimes, you might have missed setting up your TV set properly to provide a sound input to your soundbar. In such cases, you should enable CEC also known as consumer electronics control settings. Yeah, it lets provide proper sound input to your soundbar through your TV set and resolves the issue in a fraction of a minute.

4. Check Your TV Speaker Settings

Usually, many people keep their TV speakers as their primary source of sound output and in such cases, it won’t let soundbars spread the sound quality in your surroundings. Yeah, to resolve this issue, you just need to set the soundbar as your primary sound output source in your TV settings.

5. Restarting TV Set & Soundbar

A good old time’s trick is to restart all appliances in the network so that they get reconfigured when they start up again. Yeah, many times we found that shutting down the TV set & soundbar alongside for 10 minutes and then restarting it resolves common issues such as low sound output, no sound, jitter & lags in output, etc. So, try this tip once and let us know if it helps or not?

6. Update Firmware of TV set 

Many times, your TV sets are not updated properly to get compatible with new soundbars. In such cases, you just need to update firmware or software on your TV to get it compatible with your state-of-the-art soundbar system. Yeah, this trick ideally works 10 out of 10 times when we try to connect a newly launched soundbar with an old edition TV set.

7. Factory Reset TV & Soundbar Set

This is the last spot you should try once if none of the above tricks works properly. Yeah, usually, resetting your TV set or soundbar ensures that the settings you’ve changed as per your preference get reverted to the original one that’s been supplied by the brand and it’ll make things as if it’s completely brand new. And, this trick works most of the time and in all circumstances.


So, folks, that’s all for our best tips to resolve issues you face while using your soundbar or setting up your soundbar with your TV set. And, these tips should be tried one by one and it’ll resolve the issue depending on which is the solution to the problem you’re facing.

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