A human mind has a faculty to store past and present information, and retrieve these when needed in the future. Every person has individual pacing of remembering things stored in the working memory. You might have a sharp memory before that you almost remembered everything that happened in your childhood years.

However, as years went by, you might have noticed that you’ve been so forgetful. You may have forgotten the last four numbers of your telephone number or your exact current address. It’s somewhat frustrating to experience these particular situations. Not only people with age have experienced forgetfulness. 

Even the youths and young adults experience the same way of forgetfulness. All ages, genders, and whatever social status you have, all may experience this frustrating situation. Read the details below to know various helpful ways to help you out with your situation that will consequently sharpen your memory. 

Reading Books

Reading books has been proven and tested to help sharpen your memory. It involves many cognitive activities. It starts with your eyes perceiving different symbols on any printed materials. These symbols will then enter your working memory for symbol recognition and meaning assignment. Then, your brain will process interpretation, and your mind will receive full understanding. 

The process is somewhat complicated. That’s why reading involves complex activities that will stimulate your brain cells. Your neurons will become more active and function better when stimulation happens frequently. Hence, start incorporating reading books as your hobby that you can do every day. You can visit the nearest bookstore to buy a book that might interest you.

However, if you prefer digital, you can have electronic books or eBooks that you can download online. The advantage of using eBooks is that it doesn’t consume much of your device storage. Hence, it’s ideal for mobile downloads. If you do have a laptop or computer, you can convert pdf to word if you find it comfortable. 

These are the options for you to start your journey in reading books of your interest. With consistent reading, you’ll consequently notice the results of making your memory sharp and your mind healthy. 

Memory-Enhancer Food

Besides reading books, the food you eat every day also contributes to your brain’s cognitive performance. Make sure to choose the right food to incorporate into your diet. Fatty fish is known to be a memory enhancer food to prepare on the table. Add broccoli, peanuts, blueberries, grapes, and orange. That’s a perfect brainy meal for the day. 

For your breakfast, you may try having any recipe with the main ingredient of eggs with celery, spinach, and other leafy vegetables. You can also include avocado, cereals, and many others. These are a few of those you can choose in the market that you can add to your daily diet to improve your memory. 

Memory-Enhancer Drink 

There are many choices of memory-enhancer drinks available in the market. Moderate drinking of red wine has been proven by many studies to improve your memory because of the various antioxidants that wine contains. Coffee is another beverage for your brain. It stimulates your brain cells to be active, and your neurons function a fantastic cognitive performance. Just like coffee, coffee cherries are also very healthy to incorporate into your diet.

Green tea is another beverage for your brain. Teas didn’t undergo a long manufacturing process. That’s why it contains various antioxidants too that give protection for your brain from harmful free radicals that you’re exposed to every day.  These are some drinks good for your brain. 

You can still learn about a lot of choices by further searching it on the internet. At this moment, try these memory-enhancer drinks at home and start from there until your memory becomes sharper, and your mind becomes healthier. 


Being forgetful might cause you stress and somewhat frustration every day. You can try the helpful tips to sharpen your memory discussed above. You may not see the results right away, but you’ll consequently achieve your goal with consistency, effort, and patience in time.