Did you just get your admission letter in hand and are planning to move to a new location for further studies? This may sound exciting but moving alone to a distant place comes with a lot of responsibilities, along with shouldering money-saving hacks to get things going smoothly. 

Cutting down on rent and related stuff may be the first things to pop up in your mind while talking about money-saving aspects. So, are you someone planning to move into a private student accommodation in Birmingham wishing to save a few bucks at the same time? 

Here is a quick guide on how you can save some money:

Go in for Smaller Rooms

If you are someone who is planning to occupy a private room, then you may not require a big mansion to reside in. After all, you might just have your university staples, a few clothes, and that’s all. 

So, if you can compromise on your comfort level in lieu of saving some money then, renting smaller apartments for rent in Raleigh over oversized properties can help you save on your monthly expenses.

Opt for Summer Rent During Holidays

Who likes to pay full rent while you go back home for a summer vacation? Nobody actually does! Hence, taking advantage of the summer rent facility offered in the majority of places can help you save a few dimes. 

Paying half the rent when you are not actually residing in the property can give you a sigh of relief. Hence, moving into such places where you can benefit from summer rent can be a way out to save yourselves from paying the full rent when you are away.

Inspect the Property Well

If you have a leaky shower that you didn’t notice on the first day and complain about the same on the day when you are planning to vacate the accommodation, the landlord may not believe you. 

So, before you actually make a move, make sure that you take a quick home tour and find out any such flaws. May it be your bathroom, your room, or any other inventory supplied to you, inspect it thoroughly and bring any faulty items in the notice of your landlord so that you do not end up a cut in your security deposit to mend such faults.

Regular Meter Readings

You can often hear students complaining about the hefty electricity bills that usually occur due to ignorance. Taking meter readings every month can save those hefty bills at the end of the month. 

Hence you can consider setting a reminder to save yourself from such chaos and take the meter reading chore religiously so that you get to have accurate electricity bills at the end of the month.


Student life is not so easy, especially when you walk out to a new place for further studies with limited money in hand. You would often find students complaining about running short of cash during the month-end and thus arises the need for saving a few bucks, especially when it comes to paying the rent and related costs. 

So now, since you know a few tips and tricks to save your money while renting a student accommodation, we hope you will step into your new place with caution, right?