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    | Updated on January 11, 2023

    So, you have been given the task to make a virtual report presentation to your team and you are wondering about how to go about it. Well, you have come to the right place to get the tips you need. 

    This post provides you with the ten best tips to help you create a compelling PowerPoint presentation for your online audience for free. You will learn how to record on PowerPoint and how-to video record yourself presenting a PowerPoint. Let us go into the details already!

    How to Make a Compelling Report Presentation?

    Unlike standard lectures and online courses, presenting a report online requires more. If you have statistics figures, audio reports, video snippets, and some other media to include in your presentation, it becomes difficult to navigate between windows. 

    For this, you need a professional tool to make your presentation flow seamless and easy for you. SOOMUS is one of the best tools you can use for your presentation. Before going into the tips, let us quickly talk about this unique presentation tool.

    What is SOOMUS Video Presentation Software?

    A lot of stress comes with creating and delivering a presentation. Thankfully, you can find the best presentation recorder like SOOMUS that you can use to make the process easier. SOOMUS is a highly effective software program designed to help make your video presentation more attractive and engaging. 

    It is the best PowerPoint presentation and recording tool that makes life easier for professionals, teachers, and anyone that makes virtual presentations regularly. With SOOMUS, you can make a presentation where both the content and presenter are visible at the same time. 

    The tool also allows you to make live video recordings and share them with your team or students later. You can also go live on your presentation using video conferencing software. SOOMUS integrates with different video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, Discord, Lark, VooV Meeting, Skype, and SOHO, among others. 

    With this tool, you can record video, import PowerPoint, create special effects, explore the colorful background, and integrate live video conferencing into your presentation. All it takes is three easy steps to complete your presentation with SOOMUS.

    • Download and install the software and select your preferred template to create your presentation.
    • Edit the content of the template and replace them with your content using different media elements to spice up the look and feel.
    • Connect to a video conferencing tool to go live or use the record button to record your presentation and then share later.

    That is how simple it is to make a report presentation online for free. Now, let us look at the best tips to help you create an impressive and engaging presentation that you will be proud of.

    1. Develop a Structure That is Easy to Follow

    Your presentation should come in three simple structures to make it easy for you to present and for your audience to understand. You need a compelling introduction that summarizes the content of your presentation.

    The next is the body of evidence for your report, where you provide the statistical figures, facts, evidence, and quotes to support your point. Lastly, you should summarize your presentation to provide major takeaways from your presentation.

    2. Do Not Have More Than 10 Slides

    Irrespective of the volume of information you have to give, streamline it into ten slides. No one wants to sit through a long presentation with plenty of slides. Maintaining short slides ensures you keep your audience engaged while allowing them to understand and digest your message while you present.

    3. The Fewer Words You Have the Better

    Less is more and this fact is true with presentations. When you have too much text, your audience will only read your screen without listening to you. This will limit the impact of your presentation and make the whole process boring and unrewarding for you and your audience. So, limit your text per slide and talk through your presentation.

    4. Get Savvy with the Design

    Thankfully, SOOMUS has every tool and feature you need to create a savvy design. The presentation templates are already available and all you have to do is edit the content with your presentation content. You will find a plethora of colorful backgrounds and exquisite templates to use. In addition to the design, stick to a few fonts and be consistent. 

    5. Edit and Polish Your Presentation

    It is normal to start your presentation with a messy layout but as you put finishing details, amend and edit as appropriate. Reduce your text as much as possible and if possible, share it with your superior for their input. Correct grammar and do a fact check for the figures you have provided in the report.

    6. Make Your Presentation Opening Strong

    The way you start and finish your presentation is very important to the impact you make on your audience. So, start strong and finish strong.

    Do something different with your opening speech, such as telling an interesting story and then connecting it to your presentation. You can ask rhetorical questions to capture the attention of your audience. Whatever you do, make it strong and impactful.

    7. Plan for a Seamless Presentation Delivery

    It is one thing to have a great presentation and it is another to deliver it exceptionally. Never overlook the practice side of your presentation. After creating your slideshow, develop a plan on how you plan to deliver it and practice your plan. 

    8. Be Original

    It is normal to watch great presentations before you make your presentation but not copy others. You should be original as much as possible. Do not be anxious or afraid to fumble during your presentation.

    It is normal to feel nervous, especially if you are presenting to a new audience or your superiors. You will make mistakes or even mess up your presentation, but do not worry, get yourself together and deliver anyway. Do not overthink the reactions of your audience.

    9. Use your Voice and Body Language

    Combine your voice and body language to make an impactful presentation. About three-quarter of your communication is non-verbal, so make the best of it. Your tone of voice and body language is very crucial in passing across your message, even in an online presentation. So, make the best use of them.

    10.  Conclude with a Bang

    Finish your presentation and leave a lasting impression on your audience. There is a high chance that they will forget most of the things you say at the end of the day but the way you make them feel will linger longer. Connect with them emotionally and leave an emotional impression at the end of your presentation.


    These are the ten best tips to help you report presentations online for free. The post also talks about how to record a presentation on PowerPoint for effective and engaging delivery.

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