A small bathroom doesn’t mean that it lacks style. Although it might be small in size, using add-ons, it can be styled in such a way that it looks absolutely amazing and gives a wonderful feeling. A bathroom is a place which we use several times a day, and we must take a close look at the aesthetics and put some effective add-ons for effect. It entirely depends on how you strategize the look of your small bathroom so that it looks nothing less than fantastic. Below are eight innovative ideas to place add-ons in your small washroom to make it stand out.

Use Designer Tiles for Walls and Flooring:

A dull and boring colour on your tile would not help you enhance the look of your washroom. Instead, use stylish designer tiles or a wall art to decorate the walls of your bathroom and similarly add some fancy flooring tile pattern since the flooring definitely matters a lot.

Add Waterproof Task Lights:

Lights are an important aspect of aesthetics. In order to make your small bathroom look great, task lighting is a must. Task lights should be placed above the mirror, and they provide us with the perfect lighting for grooming activities like shaving, face care and makeup. Make sure that you add a dimmer which allows you to adjust the intensity of the light based on your needs.

A Storage Cabinet:

We have often come across situations where we do not find the basic washroom amenities. Using a stylish cabinet not only adds to the look of the washroom but also gives us a storage space where we can keep our daily usage bathroom amenities like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, face wash, trimmer and other additional grooming appliances. Try to opt for glass storage solutions as they are transparent and add a premium look to the bathroom. Also, make sure the storage cabinet is placed by the wall otherwise that would take up some extra space. Hit the search with Beddinginn promo codes and take a look at some fine bathroom storage shelves. 

Sliding Glass Doors:

If your washroom is small-sized, try to utilize the door space. Using an ordinary door would take up an area based on the length and width of the door as the door would open inwards. This space can be utilized by using sliding doors as sliding doors would not open inwards and would take very little space. Apart from this having a glass sliding door makes the bathroom look premium. 

A Stylish Sink:

The first thing that a person looks after entering the washroom is the sink. The sink might look like a small driver, but it actually plays a significant role in the decor. Try using a flat-bowl shaped sink as it gives a modern look. A sink with a glass base looks even more premium. Feel like checking out some of the stylish designs available? Do search for Pottery Barn promo codes and get amazing discounts on some wonderful bathroom sinks.

A Floating Faucet:

Try installing faucets in such a way that they take up minimum space. Nowadays, faucets come along with mirrors. The mirrors are installed in such a way that the faucet is placed between the lower portion of the mirror, which makes the faucet floating. This, paired with a vanity, makes the look of the washroom amazing.

One-piece or Coupled Closets:

Both one-piece and coupled closets are ideal for small-sized bathrooms as they save a lot of space and give a visual delight. Here, the cistern is basically attached to the toilet bowl. So both the cistern and the bowl become a streamlined unit which hides the pipes. In this way, they look unique and save a lot of space.  


Without showers, a bathroom is incomplete. Enhance your bathing experience by using an expert shower that rejuvenates your mind. Use showers that have multiple way water flow so that you can customize the shower experience as per your needs. More importantly, use coloured showers. They really look super-premium and unique. 

These add-ons altogether give you a soothing feeling and a blissful showering experience. But remember not to overdo your bathroom. Since it’s a small bathroom, it won’t be able to handle too much decor. So just keep it simple and elegant and start your shopping journey.