Do you like to write? Are you good at putting words into phrases, phrases into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs? Do your friends and acquaintances think you would make a good writer? If you’re burning with an idea and a desire, maybe you should try your hand at being a writer.

1. Decide on a Genre

Decide in what genre you want to create. That doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to one genre for the rest of your career, but you shouldn’t jump from one genre to another. If you’re having difficulty choosing, try studying the list of books by genre, read the annotations to the most famous works in each category. And decide for yourself: which descriptions you find most appealing? Novel descriptions? Or maybe science fiction? Then write down the genres of those works that “hooked” you, and write one story for each genre. 

2. Choose a Comfortable Work Schedule

Decide how often, at what time, when, and for how long you will write. It is preferable to sit down to work at the same time and do it regularly, as the writers of the Write My Essay Pro do. Do not try to write for 8 hours a day, as you can quickly ‘burn out’. Start with something small.

3. Don’t Forget to Constantly Evolve

Reread and analyze your favorite works. What do you like about them? Write out the reasons, highlight the most successful moments in your opinion. Look at the text through the eyes of a writer, not a reader.

4. Be on the Lookout

Inspiration can be everywhere, so we recommend you use your phone’s built-in voice recorder or notes. Don’t forget to write down ideas that arise, otherwise there’s a great risk of forgetting them. Often beginning writers think that they won’t forget anything, they’ll be home in 5 minutes and they’ll write it down. But in 5 minutes the interesting idea has already “sunk into oblivion.”

5. Write!

Many have already experienced what it’s like to write when there is no inspiration. You have to listen to your family and friends say things like, “Why are you doing this crap? You’d better study/work/marry/go out more often!” This list can be continued for a long time. Know that this is something that all creative people face. But everything is solvable, especially when you have persistence. Improve your writing skills and then success is guaranteed!

6. See it Through to the End

Do you ever wonder how many unfinished works there are in the world? There are more than you think. So make sure your work doesn’t make the list. If you’ve started, finish it, even if halfway through you start to think you’re not getting a very good idea for a book.

7. Join a Professional Community

Look for like-minded people in writer’s groups on social media, on forums. Exchange ideas, share knowledge, ask to rate your work, and rate other writers’ creations. An outside view is very important because it’s harder to notice your own mistakes than those of others. Important: always give other authors only constructive criticism and only when asked.

8. Make Money from Your Work

Yes, in the modern world literature is a business. The book is a commodity. The author is a brand. Many people think that writing cannot feed themselves, but this is a misconception. There are free and paid methods of promotion, study them, so that your favorite business began to bring income.

And remember, it takes an effort to become a writer. Having one talent has not made anyone an outstanding writer. Write every day and you will surpass even the most talented lazy person.