Having the ability to come up with beautiful and creative art is something that may seem too complicated. To be honest, being a good artist is an ability not easily achieved. On the other hand, understand that you can train yourself on how to create great art.

It is not always about talent alone. Every artist has to have the determination and put in the time to conjure up a masterpiece. At winged canvas art school, we believe that any willing individual can become a self-taught artist. Here are some tips on training yourself to become a good artist;

Tips for self taught artist

Start with Sketches

As much as you might have the desire to hit the ground running, understand that a beginner can’t pick up a pencil and come up with a fantastic masterpiece. It would be best to give yourself time to hone your skills and become the master you are yearning to be. It is always best to start with pencil sketches. Start with only a pencil and paper; no color needed. Starting with sketches will give you a firm foundation upon which you can now look to grow your skills.

Get a Variety of Pencil Brands

Since you are just beginning to grow your artistic skills, it is best to get various pencils. The logic behind this point is that you do not have a favorite brand. Therefore, it pays to get various pencil brands and try to feel for each of them. Through this process, you will get to find the brand that you think draws well and feels comfortable in your hands.

Select an Appropriate Drawing Paper

Like what you did finding the right pencil, you need to pick a paper with the texture you prefer. The trick here is to avoid being picky when it comes to selecting the drawing paper. The only thing you need to keep in mind is avoiding any paper that is too rough or too smooth. Always pick one that is in between the two for the desired outcome.

Build a Visual Library

The key to becoming a good artist is having an eye for detail. Those minute details that may seem unimportant will turn out to be the best weapons in your arsenal. It always pays to keep your eyes wide open. Understand that when you include minute details in the pictures you draw, the livelier they will be, and the more you will be proud of your work. An excellent example of a minute detail can be observing how light bounces off an object and trying to imagine how you would depict that in your drawings.

Start with Simple Objects

Since you are just starting, it is best to pick simple objects and then gradually work your way up to complicated stuff. Understand that doing this is very important. Starting with simple items will not only hone your drawing skills; it will also keep you motivated as you will begin with sketches that you can easily manage to draw well.

Examine Other Peoples’ Work

Nowadays, you do not need to visit libraries to find other artists’ work to examine. There are numerous sites that you can visit and find top-notch material to help you hone your skills. 

For instance, at wingedcanvas.com, you will easily access virtual art programs that will significantly help you grow your creative abilities.  Understand that you will teach yourself the same process by reviewing what other artists did to attain a particular desired effect. 

Repeat Your Work

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Therefore, the minute you finish a sketch and feel that it has not come out the way you desired, you need to start drawing it again. Always make sure that you repeat the same sketch until you are satisfied with the end product.

You get the chance to correct some of the mistakes you had made earlier by repeating your sketch. This will not only lead to the production of an improved drawing; it will also help you learn from the mistakes you had made in the first sketch.

Understand that self-motivation is one of the most critical tools in your corner when it comes to art and design. Where you feel demoralized and think you cannot draw something, it will be challenging for you to produce something you will be proud of. Therefore, starting with simple objects and then working your way up will ultimately work in your favor. Do not start by giving yourself an impossible task. Doing so will kill your passion for art and design.