Do you know, today almost all the small, medium and large-size businesses in Dallas are using cloud services, and why not! Cloud computing services, after all, offer a flexible, cost-effective, and convenient way of storing and retrieving companies.

Unlike in the earlier days of the internet when companies used to either store their hardware in a local office or in their data center; now, the scenario of accessing data physically has totally changed. And, without any doubt, the credit goes to cloud computing services tools like Google G-Suite, Dropbox, Adobe, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, etc.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the transportation of computing resources such as networking, analytics, software, storage, servers, databases, websites, and many more similar resources from your computer’s applications to the data centers available on the internet. Putting in simple words ‘Cloud Computing’ means storing as well as accessing all your data, websites, and programs over the internet instead of your PC’s hard drive.

Is Cloud Computing Safe?

In today’s era where incidents of data breaches are increasing day by day, it’s been considered quite normal to feel hesitant about adopting cloud computing services for backing up your business data and computing resources. Well, definitely, data security is one of the major concerns when it comes to cloud computing.

However, this doesn’t mean data breaches have been caused by poor cloud data security. No, in fact, the reality is, data breaches are usually caused by humans. To be more precise, let us tell you that your cloud data is at risk due to “insecure Wi-Fi connections, employees’ mishaps, stolen log-in credentials, and accidental deletions of accounts, etc.

But, no matter what the cause is, the fact is that cloud computing isn’t totally safe for securing your company’s sensitive data and instead, you have to take an extra effort to improve your cloud computing security. 

Tips to Improve Cloud Computing Security

You can read-out the following below-mentioned 5 tips to execute them for improving as well as securing your company’s data security on the cloud—

  • Distribute Metadata in Separate Storage Locations: As most of the business owners don’t know that their business’s metadata has the potential to pose a security risk to the identity of your staff including corporate members and that too, with access to sensitive company data. The reason behind this is simply that most CSPs store all their metadata in a central location. That’s wrong because this way, hackers can get access to all the metadata in a single security-breach attempt. Thus, the one excellent tip to improve metadata security is that you can simply distribute the same in separate storage locations.
  • Add Multi-Factor Authentication: Well, only the combination of your username and password isn’t sufficient to protect your accounts from hackers. That’s why the ‘stolen credentials’ has been listed as one of the popular ways through which hackers get access to your business’s cloud-data and applications. So, the best possible way to strengthen your password security is through ‘MFA’ or ‘2FA’ i.e., 2-factor authentication because after deploying the same, only the authorized personnel can log in to your cloud apps to access your sensitive data.
  • Monitor and Analyze User/Employees Activities with Automated Solutions: In order to detect intruders, you can do ‘24/7’ real-time monitoring and analysis of user activities. This way, you’ll be able to notice irregularities that differ from normal everyday usage patterns. For instance, you can spot if someone tries to log in from an unknown IP or device. So, to help yourself out with the same, you can consider any of the following automated data protection solutions—
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Remediation 
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Intrusion Detection & Response
  • Train Employees on Regular Basis: Another tip for ensuring the safety and security of your cloud-data is to give comprehensive ‘Anti-Phishing’ training to your employees on a regular basis. It is so because Phishing method is one of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to your data. So, by providing training to your employees, you can train them to easily spot phishing scams and steer away from them.

That’s it! So, considering the above-discussed tips you can definitely be able to improve your cloud computing security for keeping your company’s sensitive data safe and secure. Moreover, along with these tips, you can also consider taking further assistance from website that aims to help you reduce your cyber risk and to ease your challenge of facing all the latest threats through their US-based team of cyber experts.