What else is more joyous than using your tablet for drawing nature, monuments, buildings, and anything else you want. Agree? 

You just need to hold your tablet in your hand, use your stylus, and magically draw what’s in your mind. The tablet will show your creativity as the most powerful and high-resolution drawing.

But what if you don’t know how to use a tablet for drawing or you are missing anything in the way? Oh, all excitement burst up?

No worries, we are here with all the tablet drawing tips; these practical tips will make you a pro in tablet drawing with a little practice only.

So, are you ready to explore the tips? Instead of directly jumping on the tips; let’s figure out why the tablet is a handsome choice for drawing.

So, here you go!

Why do you Get Distracted while Drawing on the Tablet?

Drawing on the tablet seems tricky because graphics tablets don’t have the responsiveness as the traditional drawing. Moreover, the surface of graphics tablets is slick and smooth that often creates less accurate lines as compared to drawing on paper by using a pencil. 

But, proper practice and or the below-mentioned tips can help you a lot in this regard.

Best Software for Tablet Drawing

There are several software that you can use for tablet drawing and the seven best of those are:

  1. Procreate
  2. Cricut
  3. Autodesk Sketchbook
  4. Affinity Designer
  5. Adobe Photoshop CC
  6. Corel Painter 2019
  7. Clip Studio Paint 
  8. ArtRage 5
  9. Krita
  10. Pixaki 

So, before initiating to draw anything on your tablet, you need to install any of these software first.

Let’s move on to the essence of this article- tablet drawing tips!

Tablet Drawing Tips- Most Practical and Reliable

 If you want to get a comfortable tablet drawing experience, practice the following tips.

  • Use Different Nibs

The basic tip for a comfortable tablet drawing is the use of different nib types as every nib gives off different feedback and drawing experience.

Traditional plastic nib seems so hard but it is easier to slide on the table, so using this nib can help you on the happy-drawing day. 

The various other nib types are available in the market, exploring different ones will let you know, this is the most compatible for you.

  • Use Layer Masks

Usually, every graphic pen contains two pressure-sensitive ends: at one end is the pen while on the other end is an eraser. a pen at one end and an eraser at the other. 

If you are using photoshop for drawing, it is better to use a layer mask, instead of the eraser tool. A layer mask is a non-destructive tool that hides your incorrect drawings instead of deleting them. In this way, you can reverse your previous drawings, if you need them.

  • Use Shortcuts

You can use the keyboard for an easier drawing, what you need to do is attach the keyboard on the one die of the tablet and use it for basing out the shortcuts. It will ease your work as instead of using a pen all around, you can also use the keys. 

  • Choose Reliable Software

The right software can save you from the wrong attempts, there are a lot of software (as mentioned above) that you can use for tablet drawing, the easier ones are Procreate and Cricut Software. These are easy-to-use yet cheaper software that helps you with straightforward animations. Using the brushes and other tools of these software is pretty easy. You can also get a tablet for circuit design space if you haven’t bought one yet.

  • Set Your Mapping to Full

Ensure that your table tens to map the complete screen as in a few tablets the area of the screen gets reduce/hide. Working in this reduced area is strenuous; thus, you need to ensure that you have a complete screen to draw and use your skills appropriately.  

There are a few more handy tips that can work wonders:

  • Use the right-click functionality
  • Use shape dynamics
  • Do more practice
  • Shift your tablet to center stage

Our Takeaway

Though drawing on the tablet seems easier and fun-dipped but the reality is converse. You need to develop a competitive insight and do practice drawing smoothly and speedily.

To ease your drawing curve, we have mentioned many worthy tips in this article, get into them and follow them to make your creativity come out. The tips will help you to make your comics and produce illustrators in no time.

So, we wish you a happy drawing day!

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