“What is the best method to convert MP4 to MOV? I have a device that is unable to play a video presentation in MP4 format, and I wish to convert it to MOV system. Are there any tips that I need to follow before converting the video file?”

Video file formats are complicated. The chances of the format, such as MP4,  being incompatible with your device could occur. It will prompt you to change the file system to a much more attuned one, such as MOV.

MOV is the go-to file format for files in the Apple iTunes, and it is highly compatible with devices with iOS and macOS. It is one of the reasons why you would want to convert their videos in the MP4 file system to MOV. For that, you can use a video conversion tool or software. 

In this post, we will show the tips and tricks to use a video converter tool to convert MP4 files to MOV. So, please keep reading the guide until the very end and find out every answer to your video conversion issue.

  • Part 1. Convert Video – Which Software Offers the Best Service to Convert Video from MP4 to MOVFile Format
  • Part 2. Convert Video – How to ConvertFile Format of a Video from MP4 to MOV with the UniConverter?
  • Part 3. Convert Video – How to Use the Online UniConverter to Convert MP4 to MOV?
  • Conclusion

Part 1. Convert Video – Which Software Offers the Best Service to Convert Video from MP4 to MOV File Format:

Wondershare is a household name in offering the best programs to cater to your digital requirements. The UniConverter is among the well-known products of the organization. It is capable of converting an MP4 file to not just MOV but over 1000 other file formats. It is readily compatible with Windows and macOS, and with the release of version 12, the UniConverter is now better than ever.

Most video converters cannot convert formats of a video quickly. But it isn’t the case with the UniConverter, thanks to faster GPU acceleration. It is because the UniConverter can perform the procedure at a staggering 30x quicker rate than any other program available on the market.

The new version has introduced the new Screen Recorder function with an improved all-purpose toolbox. You can convert formats of more than one video with the UniConverter. 

In the next section of the article, you will be able to learn the best tips to perform video conversion from MP4 to MOV.

Part 2. Convert Video – How to Convert File Format of a Video from MP4 to MOV with the UniConverter?

Before performing the video conversion process, we suggest checking whether you had installed the latest version 12 of the UniConverter. If yes, then proceed to the instructions listed below:

Step 1. Load the MP4 Video to the Wondershare UniConverter:

Run the application on your computer and click on the Add or + button to import the MP4 file.

Step 2. Adjust the Settings of the Video and Change the Format to MOV

Click on the Settings button, which will be available right next to the uploaded video. Click on the Video tab and change the file format for the new video to MOV. Click on the Create button and head to the next step.

Step 3. Start the Convert from MP4 to MOV Process

After you had adjusted the needed settings, click on Convert and initiate the MP4 to MOV conversion process. It is important to remember that the UniConverter allows you to store the converted file to any location (folder or disk drive) you want. All you need to do is click on the File Location section and set the new destination for the MOV video.

Part 3. Convert Video – How to Use the Online UniConverter to Convert MP4 to MOV?

Online video converters are also popular platforms to convert the file system of videos. It allows the user to convert the files instantly while avoiding the hassle of installing the video converter on the computer. 

The UniConverter also has an efficient and fast online file conversion service of its own. You can convert videos on not only the Online UniConverter but also compress them. Please check the steps below to learn how to use the Online UniConverter.

  1. Access the following link from your system’s browser:


  1. Click on the Video Converter option and proceed to the next step;
  1. Hit the “+” icon and add the video to the online platform;
  2. Set the out format to MOV and then click on Convert to start the process.
  1. Click on the Download button and store the video to any folder on your computer.


After reading this post, you now know every tip and trick to use the UniConverter to convert a file from MP4 to MOV. We recommend using the offline version of the software to utilize every feature. However, if you are still not able to access it, then you can convert MP4 to MOV with the Online UniConverter instantly.