League of Legends Mid Lane Tier List

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Mid Lane position is one of the simple roles that one carries in the League of Legends game. The reason for the same is the ease of access they have in other parts of the map. A good player holds the ability to make an impact on the other regions, along with maintaining a firm grip on the mid lane opponent. 

The top positioning of the best mid lane players depends on certain characteristics. This article will provide you with the top 5 mid lane players of the season 10 showing you the League of Legends counters


The new version of Anivia had made her a fantastic choice for the mid lane. This version allows you to kick the enemies harder in the very beginning and then pick the game from there. 

Anivia’s priority of skill goes in the following order; R>E>Q>W. By maximizing E in the early stages, you get an edge of landing the early skills on the opposing laner. Once E is maxed, go for Q for a lower cooldown.


  • The build is flexible
  • Zoning is remarkable
  • Strong at single target damage


  • It comes with no dashes
  • Mana hungry


After the long hiatus, Fizz, the tidal trickster, is back for action. The new itemization makes fizz a blind choice in the middle lane. He holds an unmatched ability to roam the sidelines. This has been possible due to a low cooldown on his ability to jump. 

Fizz’s priority of skills is as follows; R>E>W>Q. E, being the top overpowered ability, is maxed out first. This enables the player to wave clear without being punished for the same. On reaching level six, it helps you to dive and move out of the tower aggro range. 

Second, to be maxed out is W for the extra damage. Q is maxed out at the end since it is outweighed by the effect of E and W.


  • Maxes out really quick
  • Can hold the entire game solo


  • Dependent on items


The recent rework on Viktor has made him a huge threat. Viktor’s abilities can be upgraded easily by either farming or taking part in takedowns. This makes Viktor a huge priority in the draft phase. 

He has a skill priority as follows; R>E>Q>W. Q is the main farming tool for Viktor, thus making it crucial. Without maxing Q, the player can face issues with farming minions and invest unnecessary time in auto-attacking them. 


  • It comes with a great kit
  • The playstyle is zoning
  • Can perform well in tanks and assassins


  • Need items to come online and carry the game
  • No dashes


The best quality of Ekko is the excellent ability to roam around the map and pick up kills. With a high burst and crowd controlling ability, he holds a great potential of carrying the game. The latest addition of Mythic items has made Ekko a great mid lanner. 

Ekko’s priority of skill is as follows; R>Q>E>W. For the reason of farming and poking efficiency, Q is maxed out in the beginning. E becomes the second priority to gain maximum mobility. W is maxed at the end.


  • Great at burst damage
  • Feature of extreme mobility
  • Has AoE crowd control


  • Melee
  • Scaling needs time


If we talk about the most popular assassins, Zed’s name pops up. It has a tremendous skill cap, and the recent nerf revert brings him back to terrorizing the Rift. 

Zed’s skill priority is as follows; R>Q>E>W. Since Q holds the main damaging ability, it is maxed out in the beginning. Then for increasing the burst potential, the focus is shifted on maxing E followed by W. 


  • It comes with a high skill cap
  • Game’s rewarding master champion


  • Catching up is difficult if left behind
  • Weak against tanks.


Every mid lane player has its unique qualities and skill sets. The same has been improved for many. 

This top tier list weighs a lot of affecting variables of the mid laners. This includes meta shifts, sudden balance changes, etc. The entire list can see one eighty-degree flip because of a change in any of the affecting variables. 

Choose wisely to strike them all!

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