What to Put on a Charcuterie Board

A cheese board or snack board! It doesn’t have to look like a retro cheese egg these days, but it can be really opulent – such a modern cheese board makes an impression on your guests, I can promise you!

Oh, it is very fitting that I am currently able to test the organic snacks from LANDGARTEN: Because these consist primarily of dried fruit with a Fairtrade chocolate coating. Just right as an addition to fine cheeses! So when visitors were announced the other day, I served this opulent cheese board with fruit, nuts, and chocolate – a real eye-catcher.

In addition to the chocolate, a large charcuterie board or snack board naturally also includes cheese! I mentioned a few types above that I like to serve. Why this one? The cheese you perform on such a board should taste good to most people (unless you know your guests and their tastes very well – then more “experimental” varieties are also allowed).

Specifically, you can choose the following varieties, for example, which many guests will enjoy:

  • Soft cheese: Camembert, mild red mold cheese, possibly Gorgonzola
  • Hard cheese: Parmesan shavings, Emmental, Gouda, Cheddar, mild mountain cheese
  • Cream cheese: All sorts of cream cheese spreads go down well here.

You can also prepare these yourself if you like – how about cranberry horseradish cream cheese?

Apart from cheese, a sweet balance should be on such a board. These ingredients underline the taste of the cheese or are ideal for anyone who doesn’t like cheese that much and prefers “sweet” snacking. For a snack board that covers many tastes, the following components are also required:

  • Seasonal Fruits: I chose tangerines and grapes as it gives a Christmassy feel.
  • Nuts and dried fruit: Nuts of your choice for the “crunch,” dried fruit as a reasonably “healthy” addition to the sweet snacks.
  • Sauces: Here, I added fig mustard and cranberry chutney. So everyone can refine the cheese as they wish.
  • And of course bread, crispbread or crackers of your choice as a side dish!

First, you cut the hard cheese into cubes, strips, and/or shavings (you can cut different types of cheese differently). Leave the soft cheese whole. You can also cut the fruit into small pieces if they are too big.

Take a cheese board with a cutlery set of appropriate sizes (depending on the number of people) and first position the cheese on the board sufficient distance from each other. Then you put the sauces in small bowls or jars in between.

You distribute the other ingredients very closely around these “core elements.” If there is still space, decorate the whole thing with twigs of herbs. There should hardly be a piece of the surface visible for the cheese board to work correctly!

Serve the bread and crackers separately. The eye-catcher at every party is ready!

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