The iPhone is a great mobile device, but it doesn’t always come cheap, meaning you may have to look up the option of buying a wholesale iPhone. Buying a used iPhone could help you save a lot, but it also comes with its risks. Read this article to know what to watch out for while opting to buy iPhones in bulk.

Check if Activation Lock is Disabled

The activation lock is a theft protection feature in the iPhone that prevents people from using or wiping your phone. Ensure that the activation lock is disabled when buying a wholesale iPhone. 

You will have to check manually if the activation lock is disabled or not. While setting up your phone, if it asks for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password, it is still linked to their account. Contact the seller immediately in such situations to disable the activation by erasing the account data from Also, remember that unlocking your Apple iPhone on your own is not always safe.

Ensure the Used iPhone is Not Stolen

You would not want to spend money on a used iPhone only to realize that it was stolen and resold. That being said, you can make sure that the iPhone you are buying is not stolen by knowing the phone’s IMEI or MEID number. Once you have the number, go to the CTIA Stolen Phone Checker and check whether it’s stolen or not.

Ask For the Original Receipt

When buying a used phone, always ask the seller to provide proof of purchase to make sure that you purchase an original device. The original receipt should be made available to the buyer whether you are buying from an individual or buying from a third party website. 

An electronic receipt would be sufficient as Apple provides them as well. Without a valid receipt, you would not be able to resell your iPhone.

Check For Water Damage

Since Apple’s warranty will not cover water damage, you must check and ensure that your wholesale iPhone does not have water damage. The Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI) on the Apple device will help you check quickly for water damages. You can find the LCI inside the SIM card slot for iPhone 5 and above. A red spot or red strip is indicative of water damage.

Check Battery Health

If you did not know it yet, users could not replace the iPhone’s battery. So you must check for the health and strength of the used phone’s battery before buying. Apple has now introduced a feature that displays battery health. A new phone will display battery capacity as 100% whereas, over time, as the battery degrades, the battery capacity also lowers.

Check if the Phone is Carrier-locked

It is always a good plan to contact your service provider and check if they can activate the phone you intend to buy. Because certain phones are carrier locked, meaning the phone can be used only with a particular service provider. Informing your service provider of the phone’s IMEA number could help them figure out if the phone is compatible or not.

Do a Thorough Physical Inspection

Physically inspecting the device from every possible quarter could help detect dents and broken edges. Check the functionality and sensitivity of the touch screen by swiping the fingers across the screen. Get a feel of the response time and navigation ease by tapping a few menus and apps.

Too many scratches on the phone is an indication that the phone has been subject to frequent falls, which could have resulted in internal damages. It would be a good idea to bring along a techie friend who can help you assess the phone.

Select the Right Storage Capacity

Now even though the bulk iPhones come cheap, sometimes they may not be suited for your needs. Usually, older iPhone models have minimal storage capacity compared with the current ones. For some, storage in your phone would not matter much, but if you take a lot of pictures and videos, you would not want to compromise on your phone’s storage.

Retail Box and Accessories

Even when buying a used iPhone, you should ask for the retail box and all the accessories that come with the phone, including the power adaptor and the lighting cable, lightning to 3.5mm adaptor, and EarPods.

Buying an iPhone is an excellent choice because of its reliability and broad features. It will not be a bad idea to opt for a wholesale iPhone if you do not mind going for a previous model to save a bit of money. 

But it would be best if you took some precautions before buying a used iPhone. Following the precautions mentioned in this article would help you steer clear of the risks involved in buying a used phone.