Many married couples associate the term divorce with negative emotions; there can be several reasons for divorce. They fear disputes about their assets, child custody and support and spouse maintenance, about pension adjustment. Examples of a war of the roses during a breakup do not only exist with celebrities, almost everyone can report from their environment about divorces that were anything but consensual. A well-prepared and reasonably controlled dissolution of the marriage can bring many advantages. Divorce is even possible online by mutual consent; consult with a divorce lawyer in Las Vegas at Right Lawyers.

Divorce on the Internet – How Does it Work?

A divorce follows a fixed schedule, including an online divorce. The dissolution of the marriage must always be decided by a court.

The term online divorce is actually misleading – it means the extrajudicial preparation for a divorce, in which all questions are clarified and an agreement is reached between the spouses. Only then can the divorce process be accelerated before the family court.

What are the Requirements for an Online Divorce?

Both spouses are only divorced if the marriage is deemed to have failed. The marriage partnership must no longer exist and there must also be no prospect that the partners will find each other again. Therefore, both have to complete a year of separation. There is a “separation of bed and table” – the spouses have to run the farm for themselves, run the household, and take care of the food. This works best with spatial separation, but this is not mandatory. Attempts at reconciliation are entirely permitted. If they do not last longer than three months, they lift the year of separation not on. If both agree, the marriage can be divorced after the separation period. For this, a spouse applies for a divorce through their lawyer. However, if one of the spouses does not agree, the divorce can only be filed after living separately for three years.

The Divorce Consequences Agreement

In the event of divorce over the Internet, all necessary arrangements should already be made by mutual agreement. Both partners should draw up an agreement on the consequences of divorce with the help of their lawyer and have it notarized. This can have the following content:

  • The division of assets in the community of gains
  • The amount and duration of the payment of a spouse’s maintenance
  • The right to custody and maintenance of common children
  • The pension adjustment, if it is not to be carried out ex officio. 

The process of online divorce

On the Internet, many law firms offer their divorce assistance online. After the end of the year of separation, a partner can file for divorce with the help of a lawyer. A lawyer is required; this application cannot be made on its own. In the online procedure, the commissioned law firm provides a lawyer. Unfortunately, there is no way to get to know this lawyer personally, communication is via email and phone. To do this, the spouses have to fill out various forms on the Internet, which their legal adviser then submits to the court responsible for you. The advantage of the online procedure is the lower effort because there is no need to visit the office, drive there or wait. The cost of this procedure is also lower.

After the divorce is filed, the court will request an advance payment. Only when this has been received will the application be sent to the still spouse. However, since all costs are shared in divorce proceedings, at least half of them will be returned later. The spouse must agree to the divorce. In the case of a consensual divorce, you must also submit the divorce consequences agreement that you have already made. Then both partners can also use a joint lawyer. The court can now determine a divorce date very quickly. Both parties and legal counsel must appear for this. If all questions are resolved, the marriage will be divorced.

If there is no pre-trial settlement, both spouses need their own lawyer. A disputed separation takes longer and costs considerably more.

The Divorce is not Final Immediately

At the divorce appointment, the judge will pronounce the divorce, but it will only become final one month after the divorce decision has been served. And for this, too, the dish can take a few days. During this period, the decision can still be challenged. In the event of a divorce by mutual agreement, the couple may decide not to have this legal remedy.

Which Costs Arise?

Online divorce also incurs fees, and lawyers in particular cost money. If you divorce by mutual agreement, you save a lot here, because the costs of the joint lawyer are shared. The amount of court and legal fees is primarily determined by the procedural value. This is calculated based on the gain, the income as the basis for maintenance, and also based on the pension entitlements. Because amicable divorce proceedings are much easier, a 30 percent reduction in the value of the proceedings can also be applied, which also lowers the overall costs. In the litigation, everyone bears the fees of their own legal counsel. The costs of the court and also those of a notary if an agreement on the consequences of divorce is drawn up are borne by both spouses in equal parts.

  • Online divorces are cheaper, many law firms attach particular importance to transparent and fair billing.
  • If there is an agreement, the offers of an online divorce are worthwhile

Especially in the case of a mutual divorce, the spouses benefit from an Internet lawyer. Both partners then play with open cards and settle matters in advance. In addition to legal fees, this also saves fees due to the lower procedural value. So both are separated faster – and can lead their own life again.

Although divorces are not considered acceptable in society, sometimes it becomes essential to decide the continual depression, hustle, violence, and quarrel that can lead to various psyche issues. However, a couple must prefer to sort out the matters first before making any decision. It will be perfect if couples can somehow compromise and make each other’s lives easier and happier.