A website is one of the most powerful modern-day instruments to connect with the world. No matter if you’re in India or Africa, if you want to interact with the rest of the world, a website is the best way to do so.

Whether you want to share your thoughts, or are trying to bring your business online – there is more than just one way in which a website is useful.

As per a survey, 64% of people worldwide have put their businesses online and have already started earning from that. So, if you’re one of those aspiring to do the same – let’s see what are the 9 essential things you must start doing for the future of your website:

1. Generate Traffic or Your Website will Remain Anonymous

The list couldn’t have begun without citing the most important factor behind a successful website – traffic!

In simple words, creating traffic means finding the right audience for your website. It is essential because your site just cannot do without viewers. If you do not have an adequate number of people visiting your website, it is as good as anonymous.

2. Create Contents That You are Passionate About

Content is king. It is not a secret – the better the content, the higher the traffic. And higher the traffic, more the revenue. But the question is, how to figure out which genre of content is correct for you? It is simple – create content about the things that drive you, that you are really passionate about.

3. Enforce an Efficient SEO

If you have not understood the benefits of SEO, it is about time you start doing so. “Search Engine Optimization”, as the name suggests, is perhaps the best unpaid way to draw engagement towards your website. This method ensures that various search engines on the web show your website on the top of the results for a specific keyword. But how do you do that? By implementing a good SEO.

4. Focus on the Graphics

Believe it or not – graphics are a huge driving factor when it comes to increasing engagement. Keep your website subtle and use simple, elegant graphics according to your content.

If you’re using the site for business purposes, you would want to keep it as professional as it gets. Although, in that case as well, you can always play around with graphics.

5. Emphasize Mobile-Friendliness

Let’s keep it straight – if you really want traffic, you will want to keep your website as basic as possible. Make it user-friendly. Most people do not like visiting websites because it requires a laptop to run smoothly. But when you make it convenient, so much so that people can use it on their smartphones, you’re in it for the long haul.

6. Get Going on Quora

Unofficial fact, but by being active on Quora through publishing answers, you are actually driving people to your page.

In a nutshell, when you give answers on Quora, your website is displayed and people cannot help but visit it once. And if the content appeals to them, congrats, you just got some new audience!

7. Other Social Media Platforms are Important Too

From Facebook to Instagram, if you want engagement you need to be active everywhere. Just like Quora, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – all these social media giants help you in promoting your page. The best part? Most of these are free, while a few others charge a small fee to expose your business to your relevant audience.

8. Free Online Courses are a Must

When you are a content creator, the best way to make your website grow is by providing free online courses. From DIY tutorials to videos on how to use multiple computer applications – the range is never-ending.

9. Giveaways

Last but never least, giveaways have emerged as the most successful technique to drive the audience. It is nothing but an idea of repaying your loyal customers by sending them gifts and vouchers. It not only increases engagement on your digital channels but also helps you earn some positive referrals.

Over to you…

Websites are a smart way of making the best use of the internet. If you have just started a website, you absolutely need to pay attention to these 9 tips, so as to make your website grow in the future.There are various other ways of growing your website, like using web-archiving tools like Stillio, but the ones cited above cannot be ignored at all. You can use it to manage your brand, track competitors, track SEO rankings, verify ads, monitor website compliance, track trends, and many more.