Earlier people used to regard ‘Business Card’ as a mere piece of paper containing their business details but as gradually things are changing so do the concept and importance of a ‘Business Card.’ Unlike before, they have become a ‘multi-tools’ for fulfilling various basic needs of professionals. For instance, along with having your contact plus business details, business cards also help in advertising your business, your brand recognition, and trigger your potential customer, client, or business partner for call-to-action.

Thus, in this digital era, for leaving a lasting impression on your audiences and potential customers to stand-out in a crowd, you should consider designing your company’s business card in a smart and impressive way. You can also consider IDGod for getting your business card designed in an innovative way.

10 Must-to-Consider Things for Making a Smart Business Card
Make it Multi-FunctionalInstead of making it a conventional business card, try making it into a multi-functional card to make your potential customers interact more with your card. It is simply because, the more the interaction, the more memorable your brand would be! Thus, to increase the audiences’ interaction with your card, make sure they don’t just look at it once and throw it away. So, the possible idea for avoiding this possibility is to design your card in such a way that it can be used in more ways than one for instance you can design it as a bookmark, like a notecard, like a sticker, as a holder, and so on. 
Include Only Vital InformationNo matter how you decide to design your card, there are certainly a few vital elements and information that needs to be included in every business card. So, in the way of making your card tempting that stimulate the interest of recipients, be selective about the information you include by simply consider putting the following vital information—Logo NameJob Title/PositionEmail AddressPhone NumberWebsite URLSocial Media Handles, andCompany Slogan, etc.
Use legible FontsDefinitely, funky and not-so-usual fonts are fun and trendy at the same time. But, it is necessarily important you make sure that they aren’t too small, too fancy, or too distorted because in the end, all you want your potential customers to be able to read your business card at a glance, right! So, keep that in mind while designing your business card.
Make it ColorfulBlack and white business cards are kind of boring. In fact, with high color visuals, you can create maximum impact on your potential customers and trigger them to connect to your business and brand. However, choose your text colors carefully so that it can go well with your card’s background color because similar colors may look nice together but they can be hard to read. So, as a recommendation, try experimenting with contrast colors for legibility.
Mention a Cause You SupportIt will be great for your business if you mention a cause on your business card that you support to make an immediate positive impression on your potential customer’s mind as they’re generally very keen and passionate about knowing a glimpse of what drives you and what your business stands for! For instance, you can consider mentioning charitable and environmental conservation causes that will in turn resonate with your target audience. 
Make It ImpactfulIn order to add impact to your business card so that it stands out in a pile of others, work on special finishes like foil blocking, spot-UV coating, metallic inks, letter pressing, and more similar finishes as they instantly make your business card more tactile, more memorable and also more visually impressive.
Fit QR CodesPutting QR codes on ‘3.5-inch by 2-inch space’ cards will be of great importance because they hold the capability of carrying a lot of information especially when you have a shortage of space. On a business card, they can be used as a medium to direct your potential customers on to your website and also for providing a way to add you as contact, etc.Moreover, by keeping aside the popular belief that QR codes need to be black and white only, you can use QR code creatively (the way you want) to further enhance your business card design.
Give Preference to White SpaceIf you look at your business card from a design perspective then, you will understand the importance of leaving white space on your card rather than filling each and every corner with text and graphics. The reason is simple, if you’re tempted to bombard information on your card then, it can be difficult for the recipients to consider which information to give attention upon. However, if you choose to leave white space on your card then, it certainly helps recipients draw attention to the spaces that do include text, graphics, and logo, etc.
Put Photo of YourselfTo make your business card more recognizable among your potential customers to make them familiar with your brand that too, for a long period of time, why not put your face on it!
Understand it in this way, can you yourself remember all the faces behind the business cards that you have on your desk? Definitely not! So, putting your face on your card can give you an edge against your competitor’s not-so-recognizable cards.
Add TestimonialsAs including testimonials online on your company’s website is definitely one of the best ways to increase the reliability and credibility of your company because your potential customers get to know about what your previous customers have to say about your product and services. Similarly, it will be a great effort if you also include a few of your best testimonials on the back of your business card and save others time going online for checking your credibility.

That’s it! While flowing with the trend, these are the top-10 ‘must-to-consider’ things for creating a wow-factor business card as part of your company’s marketing strategies that will make your potential customers’ fall in love with your business.