• Virtual Offices: A Demand of Today’s Era

    | Updated on March 3, 2022

    Virtual Offices are in trend nowadays as they provide a physical address and several office-related services without being worried about the long lease and admin staff. It is known to be the least expensive when compared to physical offices. When it comes to the services, Virtual office incorporates approximately all services offered by physical offices like remote reception service, digital mail service, business phone system, and much more. Virtual offices do not lag behind the physical ones in any of the forms. One of the main advantages of it is that they are remote and if you want a virtual office London, that is also possible. So, if you want to expand your business with the least overhead, the virtual office can be the best choice for you.

    What is the Need for a Virtual Office?

    You might be thinking about what exactly can be the need for Virtual Office when you already possess a physical one. The reason lies in the fact that there are so many physical offices that need office services but not to round the clock. There are some which operate from home only due to the COVID19 pandemic. Many businesses require full-time offices and there are so many that lie in coworking spaces, coffee shops, etc. So, to all those, who need an office not throughout the day and whole week, the virtual workspace can be a good choice. Also, Virtual office works in a cost-effective manner as here, service is made available only when it is required the most, and the rest of the time you may suspend its usage and will be charged in accordance with the actual usage of the service.

    Features of Virtual Offices

    Somewhere Virtual Offices are a combination of physical and virtual features. All these features are summed up below. Have a look. 

    1. Remote Receptionist

    This is a part of virtual office services and it includes answering calls, taking messages, basic customer services, and much more. All these services will be answered under the name of your firm. It is a must to have service for every business.

    2. Digital Mail

    Some virtual offices provide this service and some do not. It basically includes scanning and delivering a copy of the email received to you so that an accurate decision could be taken whether it should be replied to or trashed.

    3. Business Phone Number

    Under this feature, the liberty of choosing a toll-free phone number is provided using which an individual or firm can contact you and it looks professional in a way.

    4. Business Phone Number System

    Here a facility of a cloud-based phone number system is provided and it consists of an auto call responder, custom messages, calling menu, and many more.

    5. Physical Business Address

    To make the office address look official, a recognized physical address is also provided that can be used for mail purposes, business licensing, marketing, and much more.

    6. Meeting Rooms

    The liberty of accessing the meeting rooms will also be provided so that you could hold the meeting at any time or whenever required. Charges will be settled following the usage of the meeting rooms. Some virtual offices charge per hour basis and some charge daily.

    The above-depicted features are the most popular and still, there are several left. With these features, you can easily come to know what exactly is offered in virtual offices and somewhere you will get the idea of whether you should dive into it or not.

    Virtual Office Plans

    Plans vary according to the service providers and here I am providing a list of services that are commonly offered by a majority of Virtual Office providers. These are mentioned below.

    1. Physical business address
    2. Processing of mails received
    3. Availability of meeting rooms
    4. Remote Reception (may or may not be additionally charged)
    5. Business Phone system
    6. Coworking and many more

    So, these are some services that are allocated at the time of buying a Virtual Office. Out of these services, some are paid and some require no fee at all i.e, free. If you are looking for a service that is not mentioned above, in that case, you may buy an add-on package by giving some extra charge.

    Benefits Of Virtual Offices

    There are a plethora of advantages of Virtual Office for a startup as well as for a full-fledged firm. Some of the benefits have been described below.

    1. Facilitate Remote Work

    You can work remotely with ease without having to worry about obligations related to the offices.

    2. Lies Under Budget

    Since it is virtual in itself, it does not require you to pay extensively like in the case of the physical offices.

    3. Provides Physical Address

    For a firm to get well established, it is required to have a physical address and this requirement is also being fulfilled by virtual offices.

    4. Supports Flexible Work Culture

    It requires you to pay on a per-usage basis. You are not charged for the service that you have not used. 

    5. Best Customer Service

    It is required the most when you want to deliver full satisfaction to your clients or customers.

    6. Enhanced Productivity

    When every other hustle regarding the office is being managed by the virtual office, it becomes easy for you to stay productive.

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