What does a Digital Project Manager Do?

While we are going through the digital era, working with pen and paper or whiteboards and markers have become tools of the past. Laptops and smartphones have replaced them. You can hardly find people struggling to search for the required documents and getting tensed about not finding the right one. 

Searching the documents is now done with clicks and swipes, ‘not finding one’ is no longer a scenario. 

To stay in the competition, project managers have already shifted to the online mode and strive to deliver their products or applications quicker than ever. Now, project managers typically use project management software, cloud file storage systems, and collaboration software, project management processes are carried out more efficiently and enable professionals to come up with better results within the given time. 

So, digital project managers are revolutionizing the aspects of traditional project management and have become the most in-demand professionals in the project management domain. 

Digital Project Managers are in demand everywhere because of what their role and duties are, in every organization, regardless of the industry they belong to. If you wish to dive deep into this domain, you can take up a digital project manager certification and make your career skyrocket in this ever-evolving domain. 

We will further discuss what it means to be a digital project manager and what are the responsibilities you have to perform if you become one. 

What is a Digital Project Manager?

You are called a Digital Project Manager when you manage your projects digitally. Is it just that? Well, No!!

Digital Project Management is a streamlined bundle of processes that are meant for managing projects online right from concept to completion, that too within the budget and time constraints with the best utilization of resources. 

The steps involved in Digital Project Management include planning, delegating, reviewing, tracking, and measuring results. All of these steps are usually carried out with the help of software. Though the objective of every project is different, they share a common goal of improving business growth and getting valuable and maximum ROI from the project. 

From events to digital content projects, there may be many types of digital projects. 

With varying shapes and sizes, digital projects may include:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Websites
  • Games
  • Events
  • Contents
  • Videos
  • E-commerce
  • Project Management in Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital products such as Content Management systems or SaaS (Software as a Service)

As a Digital Project Manager, you can work for Digital Agencies, Creative agencies, Marketing agencies, In-house creative teams, and In-house digital marketing agencies. 

What Does a Digital Project Manager Do?

The main role of a Digital Project Manager is to make sure that all the essential deliverables of a project are completed and delivered within the given time and estimated budget. Today project managers are responsible for ensuring the right alignment of the project with the business objectives. 

Typically, a project manager is responsible for the success or failure of the project. Some of the obvious tasks that a project manager has to perform are planning, designing, executing, monitoring, and successful closure of a project.

The digital project manager is concerned with making sure that the digital project functions smoothly. As a DPM, you have to work with clients, stakeholders, and outside contractors within your organization. Also, you are required to work with your project team to make sure that the project meets its desired goals within time and budget. 

While technology is evolving at an unimaginable pace, hence the role of the digital project manager has also evolved over the years. It is not just taking care of time and budget boundaries. The typical responsibilities you have to fulfill as a DPM are:

  • To build and communicate a project plan, budget, and schedule
  • To assign tasks and deadlines
  • To schedule regular check-ins
  • To manage the scope of the project
  • To deal with hurdles
  • To look for quality assurance of project deliverables
  • To contribute to client quotes and proposals
  • To provide status reports to the executives or the PMO Director
  • To evaluate and assess project success
  • To make sure that the project fulfills the quality standards as stated by clients or stakeholders

Digital Project Manager Job Description

The job description of a DPM ranges from the types of tools that your company uses to manage the projects and the type of projects you work on. Many companies prefer professionals with experience in some specified tools. Others provide you with training to master the tool that they use. 

A typical job description by Accenture looks like this:

  1. Responsible to manage the Email Campaign Team
  2. Manage Team Utilization and forecast the future campaigns
  3. The individual will be responsible to ensure all deliverables for the team are completed with specified quality standards and deployed within timelines
  4. Individuals will be responsible for managing Email Marketing requests received via email/phone/OC
  5. Manage end-to-end email campaign process for the Pharma industry
  6. Manage the communications with the Onshore team and delegate campaigns and tasks with the OffShore team
  7. The individual should possess an experience of 5 to 6 years

To cut it short, you will be required to manage people and resources, and ensure quality standards. 

As published in the job description by Dayjob, key skills and competencies required for a Digital Project Manager are:

Project Management Skills

  • Deliver Paid Search and SEO projects from conception to completion
  • To make project plans and make sure that they attain key milestones
  • Extensive experience with web technologies
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Office Suite includes Excel, Word, Project, and Visio
  • Sound understanding of business and project stakeholders

Personal skills

  • To work in cooperation with professional backgrounds
  • Passionate to implement the best possible solutions for clients
  • Willing to travel as and when required

The areas of expertise that you are expected to streamline processes, Team management, Client management, Business relationship management, and executing tasks. 


Did you know that Digital Project Managers can earn between the range of USD 44,041 and USD 138,000 annually?

If you wish to become a Digital Project Manager, you can take up an online training course with Simplilearn and get a great training experience with hands-on projects and expert-led training. 

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