How Elder Scrolls Online Came to Be

| Updated on October 4, 2023

The Elder Scrolls as a franchise debuted in 1994 with The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Since then Bethesda Game Studios has partnered up with multiple developers to expand its award-winning franchise. The multiple installments were mostly astounding successes, with The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and  The Elder Scrolls Skyrim all winning multiple “Game of The Year” awards from multiple industry outlets.

Bethesda’s success with the franchise hit an all-time high with Skyrim, which made its way to nearly every available console since the seventh generation. Following the company’s most resounding success, the franchise was about to go online with the announcement of their own MMORPG, named The Elder Scrolls Online. The game evolved intensively since its debut, as most players who played the game at its debut weren’t very impressed with what was available at the time. Now, however, the game is on a growing trend, and it has more players and bigger results than ever before.

Released in 2014, the game takes place in the fictional world of Tamriel, a planet that fuses pre-medieval folklore such as mythological creatures, magic, and is inspired by real-life pre-medieval environments. This world has been the staple of the entire franchise, with different games focusing on different continents and provinces. The game acts mostly as a prequel to the events that transpired in The Elder Scrolls 3 to 5. Like most titles of the franchise, it is a heavily political epic adventure that involves multiple storylines taking place at the same time. A recurring theme here and throughout the Elder Scrolls is the hero’s journey, which rises to face a powerful enemy, or an antagonistic army.

With The Elder Scrolls VI set to be the first new game in the franchise in eight years, The Elder Scroll Online has mostly kept the fanbase satisfied on its own. Of course, Skyrim might also be one of the most modded, altered, played, and long-standing titles in recent memory, but continuity and lore-wise, the MMORPG has delivered over twenty-six updates with five of them being massive additions to the game. There are some reasons to quench your Elder Scrolls need with TESO, and here they are:

1. Sense of Freedom is as Large as It Gets

The console or semi-open world versions of Elder Scrolls are more streamlined and directed than their online counterpart. With each version focusing on a unique continent in the world of Tamriel, the scope was way smaller than TESO’s. Fans of the series will love the freedom of exploration that is available here since all nine provinces mentioned in the lore are replicated here. Meaning there are fewer barriers, and more content to be explored than any other single-title from Bethesda.

2. The Continuous Stream of Updates

Developers have created very extensive expansions that not only expand the game’s size but also offer players a way to revisit their favorite places from the series. With each mega-expansion covering a specific continent of Tamriel, players are allowed to revisit the fan-favorite Morrowind, and even Skyrim itself. Multiple announcements about future DLCs, bug fixing, and quality of life improvements have been made, and are bound to please fans of the series, at least until The Elder Scrolls VI comes around. 

Updates are especially important because TESO develops amazing storylines that involve multiple character arcs, voice-overs, and has a lasting effect on the overall story of the game. With segmented releases, there’s always something new to uncover, and compelling quests unfolding in Tamriel

3. Cyrodill Combat is Amazing

The game has its own massive open-world player versus player within Cyrodiil. The field comes truly alive with its destructible environments, trebuchets, and strategic aspect for combat. All of that is topped off with the fact that combat there perfectly syncs up with the game’s base story surrounding the “Three Banners War”, which involves all three factions fighting for control over pieces of Tamriel.

4. Tamriel’s Story is as Immersive as It Gets

The Elder Scrolls Online tells the story of different factions, and alliances, and their way of living in Tamriel. While most players will become faithful defenders of their own alliances, the game does an amazing job of creating empathy by allowing players to experience the different points of view surrounding the war. This perfectly encourages players to explore the entirety of the magical continent, as well as explore the massive map.

5. Shaping The World

One of the franchise’s most beloved features is the ability to influence the outcome of interactions with NPCs, or of an entire arc story is back in The Elder Scrolls Online. Dialogue options, as well as the way you treat NPCs, can all have a lasting impact on your journey. Bethesda doubles down on the customer experience, by having completed quests altering entire areas, and even converting nemesis to friendly creatures.


The Elder Scrolls Online is an amazing MMORPG that has only gotten better and better in time. The game has a strong foundation based on previous Elder Scrolls titles, and it extracts the best mechanics, and features from the acclaimed series and adds to it. As we wait for The Elder Scrolls VI, this game is a great opportunity to go deeper into the lore and better understand the socio-political nuances that revolve around Tamriel and its multiple alliances.
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