Ten best educational youtube channels

On YouTube, you can watch and download videos from DVRs, movie trailers, beauty reviews, and teen vlogs. There you can also get practical skills and new knowledge free of charge. Someone will say that watching videos on the Internet has nothing to do with real education, and it is certainly not.

Why is Educational Channel on YouTube Good for You?

A real educational process must be systematic and consistent. And this is difficult to achieve by leafing through the recommendations tape generated by a strange algorithm. Still, this format of acquiring knowledge is quite worthy of application. Especially if you have neither the time nor the energy for consistency.

The college admission process requires a fair amount of time because this is a moment that must be treated with a particular responsibility. Searching for materials is an important part and sometimes it is worth getting college paper help by contacting tutors.

Scientists and inventors are becoming the new rock stars today. Understanding how the world functions are not only helpful. It is also much more interesting than it might seem from the high school experience.

So, YouTube is a hidden gem where you can learn about everything.  Really, everything – from modern philosophy to astrophysics. You can learn how to format a college application essay from a video, or how to construct a radio.

We’ve made the list of the top educational YouTube channels. They cover various subjects – and tell us about our world inside and out. 

Good Educational Youtube Channels For Studying Science

Among the best educational channels on YouTube are the science-related channels. Science may have been a tough subject in high school for someone. But, it is actually quite fun if you properly understand it. Educational YouTubers can help you with that.

1. Khan Academy

Channel of MIT alumnus Salman Khan, a man who decided to make education available to everyone. In his videos, Khan explains various sections from algebra, physics, and biology. He does it without any special effects and enticements in human language. So everyone can understand and enjoy it. The owner of the channel created its own learning platform – and got donations from Google and Elon Musk. 

2. AlphaCentauri

This educational project about space unites a website and a YouTube channel. It tells about space phenomena, doing research in the format of explanatory journalism. The channel broadcasts space launches – including SpaceX projects. Also, it publishes NASA videos with translation and other foreign agencies’ videos about space.

3. AsapScience

This channel was made by a couple and they position their content as fast science. The channel gives clear solutions to complex scientific questions. They use a classical marker on a whiteboard editing style – but it is nothing like the classroom. The whole essence of the project is to teach difficult questions rapidly. It is also to answer perhaps naive, but interesting questions that inevitably arise in thinking people. The answers are created with the help of science. AsapSCIENCE has a sister project, AsapTHOUGHT, managed by the same authors.

4. Veritasium

Derek Mueller’s channel combines the most interesting things about modern science and engineering. Mueller answers obvious and not very pseudo-scientific questions. And also often inserts interesting practical experiments into his videos. The combination of engineering, interviews with experts, and science makes his videos awesome. Also, Veritasium makes social polls, which highlight the scientific views of ordinary people. 

5. Sciencephile the AI

Who hasn’t dreamt about a robot teacher? It is claimed that the first Artificial General Intelligence runs this channel. All the videos are from its POV – and they are hilarious. And educational at the same time. An original approach makes tough subjects fun to learn about. The videos are mainly focused on IT and tech questions, but other areas are also covered.

Top Educational Youtube Channels On Humanitarian Subjects

You struggled with boring history lectures but were always fascinated by history-based films. Thus the best way to learn about the history and social sciences for you are videos. Get deeper knowledge about the philosophical question – or even start a new language.

YouTube offers a wide range of educational channels for that reason.

1. Crash Course

This channel was created by Green Brothers. It has a ton of awesome courses in philosophy, world history, and literature. You can find the answers to many questions never covered in high school courses. Plus, they talk about things that are widely discussed up to the present time – and can be a debate topic at your next party.

Its creators are fascinating. The covered topics are consistently laid out on and the audience never gets bored.

2. Speak English with Misterduncan

A fun channel for English learners. The presenter makes digests of new words and expressions in English and devotes editions to idioms with certain words.  For example, he does it with the word “milk”. Also, he explains some English traditions. And even reflects on the topic of how some historical processes that we are already observing now will affect the language. For example, the sensational elections in the United States.

3. Simple History

This channel has more than 3 million subscribers – and for a good reason. Simple History makes animated videos that visualize the past. The creators explain small questions arising while looking through the past. For example, how the mafia and the US military collaborated in WWII.

4. It’s Okay To Be Smart

The channel was created by Joe Hanson, Ph.D. who covers a lot of topics from the philosophy course. This subject may seem tough at first, but once you get to his videos, you start to understand the meaning of everything. Existence, point of life, death, etc – you may catch an existential crisis after his videos.

5. PBS Eons

There are not a lot of channels that cover Earth history pre-humanity. The creators are awesome at explaining difficult subjects with easy terms. You will see the history from the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era. And right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age – which is a lot of time.